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    Steps to Summer Canning Success |

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    Going Vegan to Affect Climate Change |

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    Get Glowing with Raw Foods and Detox |

    Mediterranean and DASH Diets for Alzheimer's Patients |

    Natural Skin Care Strategies for a Youthful Glow |

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    ACHS: 1 of the Best Oregon Companies |

    ACHS Nominee 2019 Phenomenal Women’s Award |

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    Jiha Lim, Aromatherapy Instructor from Seoul, Korea |

    Health, Natural Medicine, Spiritual Awakening |

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    Planting New Seeds for Growth in 2019 |

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    How to Spa Like a Pro |

    Essential Oils for the Holidays: What's Trending in 2018 |

    Eucalyptus Spaaah at Home |

    How Do You Hygge? Embracing Winter Traditions |

    Your First Assignment: Apply for Admission |

    Army Vet and Spouse Uses Nutrition for Stress |

    Choose Your Own Education Adventure: How to Get Started

    November 15 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day |

    Aromatherapy For Post Election Stress Disorder |

    An afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa |

    Write a Business Plan for Your Wellness Center |

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    How to Use More Herbs and Less Salt: An Herbalist Weighs In | ACHS

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    The Tale of David Douglas |

    Holistic Health Professional’s Story of Going Back to School |

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    3 Habits of Highly Successful Wellness Professionals | ACHS

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    How to Find a Mentor in the Integrative Health and Wellness Industry

    Finding Credible CAM Diabetes Resources |

    How to Research Wellness Careers While Still in School | ACHS

    Energize Your Holistic Health Practice with Anabolic Energy | ACHS

    The Low-Down on How to Stay Hydrated this Summer | ACHS

    Mindfulness Meditation & PTSD |

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    How to Dramatically Improve Professional Self-Confidence | ACHS

    3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Public Speaking Skills | ACHS

    4 Easy Ways to Save Money as an Online Student |

    Women in Business: How to Be a CAM Entrepreneur | ACHS

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    “Spread the Health” for Mental Health Awareness Month |

    Make the COOLEST DIY Sugar Scrub [VIDEO] |

    Tackle Your Pain Points with Aromatherapy |

    5 Indispensable Herbs to Rock Your Wellness Routine | ACHS

    Treating Veterans with Complementary Alternative Medicine | ACHS

    3 Green Tips to Benefit Your Life & the Earth |

    Natural Products Day 2018 |

    3 Powerful & Easy Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

    Can You Use Essential Oils with Cats? |

    Bachelor's Degree? A Holistic Approach to Higher Ed |

    Hops, Herb of the Year 2018 |

    How to Avoid the Dangers of Expired Oils |

    10 Superfoods Your Holistic Nutritionist Eats |

    Unleashing Opportunities in Health and Wellness | ACHS

    Gram Positive vs. Gram Negative Bacteria |

    Blending 101: The Art of Pairing Essential Oils Drop by Drop |

    Why We Care About Environmental Wellness |

    Create Successful Essential Oil Blends |

    6 Ways to Bounce Back from Illness Faster |

    Become a Holistic Nutrition Professional |

    5 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Next Employer | ACHS

    3 Crucial Resources for Learning Latin Names Of Plants | ACHS

    3 Holistic Foods to Boost Winter Immunity |

    The Aroma of Love: Rose in Perfumery | ACHS

    CAM Heart Health Resources |

    3 Romantic Recipes with Rose Essential Oil |

    Essential Oil Safety: What is Photosensitivity? |

    6 Time-Saving Strategies for Stressed Students |

    5 Holistic Ways to Boost Productivity | ACHS

    7 Inspirational Quotes for When You’re Feeling Unmotivated |

    Happy New Year! Our Resolution Is Your Success

    DIY Stocking Stuffers: Sweet 'N' Spicy Holiday Sachets

    How to Make Divine Natural Products with Essential Oils | ACHS

    How to Have Glowing & Glamorous Skin for the Holidays | ACHS

    3 Irresistible Recipes for Holiday Aromatherapy Sprays | ACHS

    7 More Wellness Books to Read This Fall | ACHS

    Seasonal DIY Gifts for Bath Lovers | ACHS

    Yummy Desserts if You’re Watching Your Sugar

    3 Self-Care Strategies for Integrative Health Professionals |

    7 Secrets About Compost Every Gardener Should Know

    9 Wellness Books to Read this Fall

    3 Top Wellness Organizations You Need to Know |

    How to Live Like a Blue Zone Centenarian Without Having to Move

    Complementary Alternative Medicine Cancer Resources |

    7 Must-Read Articles to Celebrate “Best Holistic Health Blog” Award

    Natural Options for Soothing Migraines

    3 Mouthwatering (and Healthy!) Pumpkin Recipes

    3 Professional Wellness Organizations to Know |

    Herbal and Essential Oil Remedies for Children | ACHS

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    The Remarkable Research on Cinnamon

    How to Get Over the Stigma of Sales in the Spa Industry

    How to Enjoy a Total Solar Eclipse Safely

    3 Common and Dangerous Essential Oil Mistakes |

    7 Spa Management Resources You Need to Know

    5 Blissful Herbal Iced Teas for a Sensational Summer

    How to Make a Successful Herbal Tincture [DIY] |

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    How to Add More Play Into Your Wellness Routine

    How to Turn Your Weekend into Adult Summer Camp

    Aromatherapy Safety: Using Essential Oils in the Bath [VIDEO]

    How to Reduce Your Meat Consumption: 5 Tips to Go Vegetarian

    10 Wellness Activities for the Ultimate Father’s Day

    What is Gluten? 6 Facts About Gluten Sensitivity

    The 14 Best Wellness Books to Read this Summer

    How to Launch into the Holistic Nutrition Field

    The Most Important APA Rules to Know |

    How the Quality of Essential Oils Impacts Therapeutic Value and Safety

    Green Cleaning: 10 Essential Oils that Naturally Repel Insects |

    Essential Oil Safety: Practicing Aromatherapy with Caution

    The Amazing Use of Essential Oils as Natural Preservatives |

    DIY: Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

    Organic Fair Trade Practices in Nepal’s Essential Oil Industry |

    A Psychologist’s 3 Step Guide to Managing Stress |

    How to Protect Your Skin Through Nutrition

    What is the Best Diet for Health? A Nutritionist and Nurse Weighs In

    Wisdom from a Successful Ringside Sports Nutrition Advocate

    Homeobotanicals: Secret Wellness Weapons

    Why Latin Binomials are Important for Herbs |

    8 Eucalyptus Life Hacks You’ll Love |

    How to Become an AHG Registered Herbalist |

    3 Powerful Smoothie Recipes |

    7 Delicious Recipes to Help You Go Paleo in 2017

    Anxious or Feeling Down: Can Essential Oils Help? |

    Winter Wildcrafting: 5 Pro Tips for Off-Season Foraging

    What You Can and Cannot Say to Aromatherapy Clients [Video]

    How to Start Your Holistic Health Blog

    Rosemary is for Remembrance: Plus 4 Other Herbs that Boost Memory

    Be Creative with Your Health Resolutions and Improve Success

    4 Holistic Recipes for Silky Smooth, Healthy Hair

    5 Ways to Reach Out and Recharge for Winter |

    Comfort and Joy: A Holistic Approach to a Vibrant Holiday Season

    Sports Nutrition: Adaptogenic Herbs

    The Hidden Dangers in Your Dietary Supplements |

    Holistic Parenting: How I Supported My Child with ADHD

    Kale Stir-fry and Thanksgiving: A Love Story

    Try a Virtual Challenge to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint |

    Celebrate Diabetes Awareness with Simple Lifestyle Changes

    How to Thank a Veteran… Holistically!

    2016 American Herbalists Guild (AHG) Symposium Recap |

    Top 10 Ways to Show Your Clients You Care

    Chemistry for Aromatherapists: What You Need to Know |

    How to Wow Your Spa Clients As Soon As They Walk In the Door

    6 Common Misconceptions About Becoming a Certified Spa Manager

    Why We Want to Work at These 6 Spa Venues (and You Will Too!)

    Communicate the Benefits of Spa Services to Clients |

    30 Essential Oils to Use With Soap |

    Halloween Treat: Lollipop Recipe with Essential Oils

    5 Tips for Staying Young

    Ditch the Chemicals in Starbucks: Enjoy a Holistic Pumpkin Spiced Latte

    Aromatherapy + Yoga: For Mind, Body, Spirit |

    Never Do Homework In Bed: 3 Reasons Why |

    Why I Love the American Herbalists Guild Symposium |

    Why You Should Add Writing to Your Self-Care Routine

    Seek First to Understand: Personal Responsibility in Communication

    5 Delightful and Work-Enhancing Essential Oils for the Office |

    Can Essential Oils Improve Customer Experience? |

    Study Abroad: What is Ayurvedic Medicine Like in India?

    21 Must-Have Natural Travel Kit Basics | ACHS

    How to Know If You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

    3 Tips on Financial Success for Holistic Spa Professionals

    Email Marketing: 5 Painless Tips for Writing Outstanding Emails

    Herbs for Women: Coping with Women’s Health Issues

    What’s So Healthy About the Mediterranean Diet?

    Can’t Meditate? Here’s What’s Stopping Your Meditation Practice

    10 Tips for Using Aromatherapy in Your Spa |

    Plant Mama 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Indoor Gardening

    More Than Herbs and Oils: How My Dog Saves My Life

    Digging into Herbal Medicine Conferences

    Help! How Do I Choose a More Holistic Diet?

    India Study Abroad: What Handmade Products are Made in India?

    How to Support ADHD Naturally

    Fruity Herbal Ice Pop Recipes [Video]

    How to Navigate Food Allergies While Traveling this Summer

    Traveling to Marayoor Sandalwood Forest in India |

    Aromatherapy and Memory

    Study Abroad in India: How Silk is Produced

    5 Simple Ways to Network Like a Boss!

    ACHS's Official Comment to the FDA on the Term "Natural"

    5 Facts About Capsicum |

    The Fountain of Youth: What is the Secret to Healthy Aging?

    Simple Swaps to Eat Healthy When Dining Out

    Real Changes You Can Make this Earth Day

    How to Use LinkedIn to Fire Up Your Holistic Health Career

    All-Natural Aftershave Balm for Natural Products Day |

    We’re Going to DC to Become Lobbyists for a Day |

    Top 5 Tips for Reviving Your Holistic Health Habits

    24 Natural Sleep Aids for Restful, Rejuvenating Sleep

    How Exotic Rose Can Grace Your Life [+ Recipes!]

    3 Reasons to Love Rose in Your DIY Skin Care

    Why Using Coconut Oil is One Fad You Should Follow

    Help Define ‘Natural,’ or the FDA Will Do it For You

    How to Make the Ultimate Herbal Steam

    How to Create a Meditation Space of Serenity

    Why Greece Loves Olive Trees and Oil |

    5 New Year’s Resolutions for People Who Hate Resolutions

    35 Holistic Nutrition Terms You Should Know

    Flu Shot or Herbal Teas? |

    10 Natural Gifts Wellness Warriors Will Love

    All About Adaptogenic Herbs

    Natural Love Potions? Neroli and Jasmine Essential Oils

    Spicy and Savory B6 Stuffed Potatoes

    3 Holistic Remedies for Sinus Support |

    Delicious Herbed Pumpkin Soup

    Herbal Remedies for Healthy Holiday Digestion

    Essential Oils and Head Lice |

    Recipe for Winter Wellness: Baked Winter Pears or Apples

    Top Aromatherapy Wellness Plan Takeaways from AIA 2015

    Fermentation and Gut Health |

    An Aromatherapist’s Report from IFEAT 2014 |

    5 Soothing Herbs for Peace and Calm |

    8 Spectacular Essential Oil Blends |

    10 Easy Relaxation Techniques |

    5 Foolproof Ways to Fail Finals Week

    An Interview with Tea Master and ACHS Graduate Sarah Hurt

    5 Essential Oils for Men |

    My Grandmother’s Secret to Longevity

    7 Essential Oils to Tame Mosquitoes

    Debunking Dangerous Myths About Essential Oils |

    Why You Need to Blog for Your Holistic Health Practice (and Your Life!)

    7 Simple Ways to Green Your Home and Workspace |

    Essential Oil Feature: Paraguay Petitgrain

    4 Festive Herbal Iced Teas for July Fourth

    Super Easy DIY Tips to Harvest and Dry Your Herbs

    How To: 4 Unique Uses for Lemon in the Home

    Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger Refresher |

    Why Everyone Should Be Dry Skin Brushing

    Immortelle Essential Oil and Extract |

    Memories Matter: 6 Easy Tips for a Healthy Brain |

    Low-linalool New Zealand Lavender Oil |

    Nourishment for the Mind and Soul at NANP 2015

    NANP 2015 Nutrition Conference Recap |

    How to Make Personal Flower Essences |

    If You Do One Thing for Your Holistic Health Career, Do This

    Top 10 Tips for Starting Seeds this Spring

    5 {DIY} Body Care Recipes from Natural Products |

    How to Create a Morning Ritual You’ll Stick With |

    How to Boost Vitamin D with Mighty Mushrooms

    GMOs and Pesticides: Why You Should Cook Organic

    Why I Went Paleo/Primal for My Gestational Diabetes |

    Holistic Nutrition Consultant Lindsay Boyers |

    5 Reasons You Must Attend Our Next Master Lecture Webinar

    Spice, Spice, Baby! Raw, Paleo Cacao Bites Recipe

    The Remarkable History of Roses

    10 Steps to Become a Registered Aromatherapist |

    From Mindful to Light: 16 Words to Shape 2015

    6 Herbs to Alleviate Aches and Pains |

    3 Steps to a Powerful Winter Wheatgrass Detox

    Experience the Ultimate Aromatic Bath |

    Cheers to 2014: Our Top 7 Success Stories

    Registered Aromatherapist (RA) Shares Secrets of Success [Video]

    Cooking with Kale: Try These 5 Recipes [Slideshare]

    Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

    {DIY} How to Make Fizzing Herbal Bath Bombs [Video]

    7 Reasons to Try Thyme as a Culinary Essential Oil |

    Salt: Too Much or Too Little Can Kill You

    Basil Essential Oil: A Must-Have in Your Fall Holistic Cooking

    5 Essential Oils To Beat Back To School Bugs |

    5 Quick Tips For Cooking With Essential Oils

    The Do's and Don'ts of Holistic Nutrition |

    Growing Lavender Brings Summer Fun |

    Why Alternative Treatments are Better for Veterans

    How to Make a Luscious Herbal Moisturizer |

    Top 12 Foods to Beat Morning Sickness Naturally (Part 2) |

    Frequently Asked Questions About Online Education |

    Beat Morning Sickness Naturally |

    Health Freedom and Aromatherapy |

    Green Cleaning: Why We Love Lavender Essential Oil |

    9 Questions & Answers on PTSD and Holistic Health Protocols

    Find Scholarships for Holistic Health Education |

    Trade Toxic Cleaners for Natural Essential Oils |

    5 Avoidable Mistakes that Will Flag Your Comment as SPAM

    6 Signs You Should Become a Holistic Nutritionist |

    5 Resources Every Holistic Nutrition Student Should Know |

    Local Food: Where Does Your State Rank?

    Top 7 Tips to Simplify Your Super-Mom Life

    Top 10 Ways to Detox this Spring

    5 Fun Faculty Facts for National Teacher Appreciation Day 2014

    20 Herbal Medicine Terms You Should Know |

    6 Reasons to Take an Online Holistic Health Course |

    Cut Clutter, Chaos, and Stress for Spring |

    Top 11 Reasons to Love Online School

    20 Aromatherapy Terms to Know |

    Top 5 Most Dangerous Restaurants For Your Health |

    Natural Medicine is Making History |

    10 Sweet Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate

    5 Romantic Destinations for Essential Oil Lovers |

    The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Sunscreen |

    7 Essential Oils: The Ultimate Travel Kit for the Winter Olympics in Sochi

    Natural and Artificial Sweeteners: Is Stevia Safe? |

    What's Hot and What's Not in Aromatherapy |

    Top 6 Guilt Free Recipes for an Epic Super Bowl Sunday

    5 Herbal Teas Everyone Should Drink |

    9 Foods to Boost Your Mood |

    Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Mastic |

    Top 5 Ways to Check Quality of Essential Oils |

    A Year in Review: 13 Best Holistic Health Moments from ACHS in 2013

    Organic Milk is Packed with Omega-3s |

    The 12 Toasty Drinks of the Holistic Holidays

    Nutrition, Vitamins, and Holistic Health |

    Top 9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Indonesia

    How Do Wellness Coaches Write Better? |

    Cancer Sniffing Honeybees: Next Buzzing Trend in Holistic Health?

    Essential Oil Quality: Diluents, Extenders, Synergy |

    Top 6 Tips to Survive Black Friday for the Holistic Holiday Shopper

    Excuse that your Phone that Smells like Roses?

    Holistic Health at Home: 5 Tips for a Holistic Thanksgiving Holiday

    An Interview with Author Lori Bell |

    Holistic Health is Helping Others |

    5 Tasty Herbs for Seasonal Cooking: Flavor Fill Your Fall!

    ACHS Grads and Alumni: Reaching for the Stars to Heal the World

    Scholarship Recipient is Celebrating Achievements |

    4 Health Indicators that can Signal Deficiencies |

    Rebalance with Bach Flower Remedies |

    10 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

    The 4th Sweet Way to Cut Sugar (Plus Seasonal Shortcake Recipe!)

    Happy Food Day! Celebrate Nutrition with 3 Sweet Ways to Cut Sugar

    7 Practical College Tips for Students |

    Wellness on the Rise: 3 Holistic Practices Sweeping Modern Healthcare

    Scholarship Recipient Provides Tips for Students |

    What to Tweet? Create a Buzzing Twitter Feed with Daily Hashtags

    ACHS Just Named 2014 Military Friendly School

    ACHS Faculty Member Achieves RA Status |

    Aromatherapy for Golfers |

    ACHS Lavender Harvest 'Shares the Health'

    The Healing Power of Basil |

    10 Aromatherapy Tips to Breathe Easy |

    Waste Not, Want Not: Holistic Recipes for Rogue Tomatoes

    Homesteading & Foraging 101: Wild Plum Jam with Honey Recipe

    Back-to-School Holistic Heath Tips for Busy Parents

    Upcoming Webinar: I've got my AAS Holistic Health Degree - Now What?

    Holistic Health Advocacy Starts with You — Stay Informed

    What Is State Authorization and Why Should Students Care?

    Zombies Turn to Holistic Health for Relief from Sleepless Nights

    What Makes Aromatherapy HOT? A Glimpse Into 2014 Trends

    Success Through ACHS and Beyond | Offers Training to Young Living & doTerra Staff |

    Industry Info: Holistic Nutrition Internships Available with NANP

    Holistic Health College's Accreditation Renewed by DEAC

    Lemongrass: A Must-Have |

    Black Pepper Oil in Southern India |

    ACHS Holistic Health Scholarship Recipient Says 'Follow Your Heart'

    Holistic Nutrition for Busy People |

    Memorial Day Wellness: Homemade Lavender Lemonade & Spa Water

    Text Abbreviations: An "IDTS" in the Holistic Health Classroom?

    ACHS Adds Four New Accredited Programs |

    Dr. Clyde B. Jensen joins the ACHS Board of Directors

    Writing: Silencing Your Inner Critic |

    Holistic Health: Ready, Set, Walk for National Walking Day on April 3

    Holistic Health: 8 Travel Tips from a Travel Junkie

    Quinoa: Vegan Superfood

    Perseverance Makes Holistic Health Practitioner Dreams a Reality

    Holistic Health & Wellness Careers: Boards and Registration Exams

    NAHA Aromatherapy Journal Now Online |

    Top 5 Kale Smoothies for Spring |

    Aromatherapy Travel Education: A Life Changing Experience!

    Study Abroad: Aromatherapy in Indonesia May 2013

    ACHS Students Share Tips for Holistic Health Program Success

    ACHS Reduces Carbon Footprint One Green Step at a Time |

    8 Tools You Need to Be A Successful Holistic Health Student at ACHS

    Do You Need a BS to take the MS in CAM? |

    7 Strategies for Student SUCCESS

    Help Us Celebrate Our Top 6 Accomplishments of 2012

    Study Reflexology in Aromatherapy 101? |

    Aromatherapy: 12 Essential Oils of the Holidays |

    Essential Oil Blends for Winter Wellness |

    Holistic Health at Home: 7 Simple Steps to Make Herbal Cough Drops

    Video & Recipe: How to Make Aromatic Bath Salts for Holiday Gifts

    Holistic Nutrition: Eat this Herb - Basil

    2013 DETC Famous Alumni of the Year Jane Thomas

    2013 DETC Outstanding Graduate of the Year Tracey Robbins

    DIY Herbal Teas for Health |

    Holistic Health Education Accreditation |

    Manage Your Brand for Holistic Health |

    A Holistic Thanksgiving: What Are You Thankful For?

    Reduce Stress During the Holidays |

    Holistic Nutrition: Sweet Potatoes More Than A Thanksgiving Treat

    10 High-Fiber, Low-Calorie Foods |

    Make Aromatherapy Holiday Gifts at Home: Free eBook!!!

    Holistic Nutrition: Wine Tasting? Consider Organic Wine for Wellness

    Veteran Awarded ACHS Military Scholarship |

    Vote On Your Favorite Essential Oils With

    Imagine America Military Award Program |

    How to W.R.I.T.E. Stellar Holistic Health Essays, Articles, & Blogs

    How to Select Herbal Supplements |

    ACHS Approved to Participate in Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs

    Exploring the Indonesian Herbal Tradition of Jamu

    5 Essential Oils in 5 Minutes: Fall Picks

    Sharing Holistic Health Content: Netiquette

    ACHS Named 2013 Military Friendly School by GI Jobs

    6 Self-Care Suggestions for Students |

    Aromatherapy For Self-Care

    Congrats Graduates on Your Alternative Medicine Certification!

    ACHS and Apothecary Shoppe Re-Certified Green |

    How to Grow Valerian in Your Botanical Garden

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