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    Healing Ways of the Indigenous Navajo People |

    Alumni Highlight: Aromatherapy Grad Starts Business With Her Daughters

    Behind The Scenes: Sourcing High-Quality Essential Oils |

    Armed Forces To Holistic Health |

    Alumni Highlight: Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching |

    Alumni Highlight: ACHS Grad Finds Success As A Health Coach |

    Want To Succeed As A Holistic Health Entrepreneur? |

    3 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Try |

    A Healthy Winter Comes From Within |

    Three Areas of Health To Look Out For |

    Student Highlight: Natural Product Manufacturing Business |

    Professional Pathways for Holistic Practitioners |

    Choosing a Mortar and Pestle |

    Alumni Highlight: Opening A Thriving Business During COVID |

    Alumni Highlight: CAM Grad Opens Holistic Wellness Business |

    It Is Unlikely You Knew This! Nutritious Herbs You Must Try |

    Alumni Highlight: Aromatherapy Grad Opens New Business |

    New Webinar Series: At Home Aromatherapy Projects! |

    Our Favorite Tips For Stress Management |

    3 Essential Oils To Promote Focus |

    Stress Managment During COVID-19 |

    Reflections On Plastic Free July |

    Sustainability: A Visual Essay |

    Essential Oils: Expectations Vs. Reality |

    Plastic And COVID-19 |

    Clean Skin Care: DIY Lotion Bar |

    What Is Forest Bathing? |

    5 Common Composting Questions Answered |

    Not All Plastics Are Created Equal |

    Summer Fun: Gardening With Kids |

    5 Easy Green Living Tips |

    Go Plastic Free With ACHS This July |

    5 Reasons To Choose Online Education |

    How To Celebrate Your Virtual Graduation |

    Alumni Highlight: Brenda Nielsen |

    Treat Yourself To On-The-Go Aromatherapy |

    Herb Month 2020 Was Too Much Fun! |

    How To Stay Active During COVID |

    4 Ways To Practice Self Care |

    Why We Love Peppermint |

    The Benefits Of Being In Water |

    Alumni Highlight: Shannon Mesneak |

    4 Natural Rest Easy DIY Recipes |

    Alumni Highlight: Shanna Bynes |

    Pandemic Got You Feeling Down: Can Essential Oils Help? |

    Pantry Living: Herbal Remedies at your Fingertips |

    4 Healthy Immune System Habits |

    Wellness: Acclimated In The Mother’s Womb |

    Earth Day: How has COVID-19 changed the planet? |

    Self-Care for the Home Office |

    Making A Face Mask at Home |

    Alumni Highlight: Khetnu Nefer |

    Alumni Highlight: Amy Hardesty |

    How To Grocery Shop Like a Holistic Nutritionist |

    Music for Stress Relief |

    Essential Aromatherapy Supplies & Recipes for DIY Sanitizer |

    Collective Impact: Be The Change You Wish To See |

    Student Highlight: Cindy Lane Ross |

    How Do YOU #choosetoB Every Day?

    Community Sustainability at WOHESC |

    Top Resources for the Holistic Nutrition Researcher |

    5 Research Tips Every Researcher Should Know |

    What does it mean to be a Certified B Corporation? |

    Student Highlight: Kari Doherty |

    Alumni Highlight: Vanessa Goldeen |

    Student Highlight: Jennifer Langsdale |

    Alumni Highlight: Mikki Anderson |

    Alumni Highlight: Jennifer Agger |

    APA 7th Edition: What’s New? |

    Writing Research Papers: Some Common Support Tools |

    Alumni Highlight: Angela Seng |

    Alumni Highlight: Katja Evans |

    Alumni Highlight: Rachel Hayes |

    Celebrate Culinary Calendula |

    ACHS at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities |

    Alumni Highlight: Nona Kindsvater |

    Choose Calendula for Skin Health |

    Branding Your Wellness Business |

    Echinacea: A Beautiful Flower with a Beautiful Purpose |

    2020 End of Year Wrap Up - President’s Message |

    Is that a worm in my apple or certified organic herbs? |


    Tips for a Well Stocked Pantry |

    Alumni Highlight: Lola Boyers |

    Student Highlight: Nicole Berry | ACHS.EDU

    Holistic Approaches to Fibromyalgia | Part III |

    4 Tips for the First Week of School |

    A holistic approach to fibromyalgia Part 2 |

    Get ahead of SAD this year with Vitamin D |

    Stress Support Strategies for Relaxation |

    A holistic approach to fibromyalgia | Part 1 |

    Kitchari: A Detoxifying Ayurvedic Meal |

    Herbal Studies 101: What Is Rosemary Good For? | ACHS

    Get the Most Out of a Holistic Health Conference |

    5 Essential Oils to Keep your next Uber Ride Clean |

    Natural DIY Aromatherapy Sunscreen Recipe |

    Pamper Yourself and Soothe Stress with a Natural Spa Day |

    Super Sprouts – What are They? |

    Heal Bug Bites with Essential Oils |

    Staying Fit into our 70s and Beyond |

    Military Vet Starts a new Career in Holistic Nutrition |

    Calcium Strategies for Vegans |

    CBD for Relief from Anxiety and Chronic Pain Conditions |

    DIY Eco-friendly laundry detergent on a budget |

    Laura Bissessar, Herbal Entrepreneur |

    Conscious Consuming can be Frugal |

     Fermentation and Gut Health |

    Steps to Summer Canning Success |

    A Good Belly Laugh and Belly Fat |

    Going Vegan to Affect Climate Change |

    Aromatherapy and Meditation for Stress Release |

    Promoting Healing and Vitality through Laughter |

    Nutrients and Immunity: Food as Fuel |

    Alkaline Diets: Fad or Fabulous |

    Get Glowing with Raw Foods and Detox |

    Mediterranean and DASH Diets for Alzheimer's Patients |

    Natural Skin Care Strategies for a Youthful Glow |

    Creating Healthy Food and Happy Healthy Families |

    Animal Protein vs. Plant-based Protein |

    ACHS: 1 of the Best Oregon Companies |

    ACHS Nominee 2019 Phenomenal Women’s Award |

    Feeding my teenage daughter without the battle |

    Saved by Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Rescue Dogs |

    Jiha Lim, Aromatherapy Instructor from Seoul, Korea |

    Health, Natural Medicine, Spiritual Awakening |

    Erica Rhodes, ACHS Scholarship Recipient |

    Why We Choose Standing Desks |

    Showing Love for Mother Earth |

    Expressing Love On Valentine’s Day |

    The Beauty of Intimacy Minus the Race for Orgasm |

    Military Veteran Creating Holistic Health Products |

    A Passion for Peppermint |

    What Does Your Holistic Journey Look Like? |

    Our Relationship with the Earth We Live On |

    The Effect That Wellness Has On All Of Us |

    Confessions of a Reformed Candle Fanatic |

    Meet Claudia Kim from Aromatherapy Boot Camp, Kona, HI |

    Scenting the Home with Diffusers |

    Aromatherapists’ Health Journey Insights for New Years |

    10 Ways to Chase Away the Winter Doldrums |

    It’s Veganuary 2019, Veganism is Going Mainstream |

    Aromatherapy Student Creates Essential Oil Blends |

    Workplace Wellness Equals Healthy, Productive Employees |

    Planting New Seeds for Growth in 2019 |

    Doctor Focuses on Healing Through Spa Management |

    Laugh Away Holiday Drama on National Ugly Sweater Day |

    How to Spa Like a Pro |

    Essential Oils for the Holidays: What's Trending in 2018 |

    Eucalyptus Spaaah at Home |

    How Do You Hygge? Embracing Winter Traditions |

    Your First Assignment: Apply for Admission |

    Army Vet and Spouse Uses Nutrition for Stress |

    Choose Your Own Education Adventure: How to Get Started

    November 15 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day |

    Aromatherapy For Post Election Stress Disorder |

    An afternoon at Canyon Ranch Spa |

    Write a Business Plan for Your Wellness Center |

    11 Must-Read Herbal Books |

    How to Use More Herbs and Less Salt: An Herbalist Weighs In | ACHS

    5 Steps for a Successful Aromatherapy Intake Interview |

    5 Ways to Celebrate Your Graduation from an Online College | ACHS

    The Tale of David Douglas |

    Holistic Health Professional’s Story of Going Back to School |

    5 Types of Students You'll Meet in a Holistic Health Online Class | ACHS

    Researching Alternative Therapies for Stress Management |

    5 Advancements In Integrative Health |

    How to Start Your First Wellness Blog in 30 Days or Less |

    What is Herbal Medicine and How Can It Help Me? | ACHS

    5 Seeds that Support Healthy Digestion |

    3 Habits of Highly Successful Wellness Professionals | ACHS

    5 Breathtaking Botanical Gardens Budding Herbalists Will Love | ACHS

    What Is Integrative Health and Why is it Important? |

    How to Find a Mentor in the Integrative Health and Wellness Industry

    Finding Credible CAM Diabetes Resources |

    How to Research Wellness Careers While Still in School | ACHS

    Energize Your Holistic Health Practice with Anabolic Energy | ACHS

    Stay Hydrated this Summer |

    Mindfulness Meditation & PTSD |

    How To Hack Your Study Schedule With Productivity Apps |

    How to Dramatically Improve Professional Self-Confidence | ACHS

    3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Public Speaking Skills | ACHS

    4 Easy Ways to Save Money as an Online Student |

    Women in Business: How to Be a CAM Entrepreneur | ACHS

    3 Holistic Stress Management Research Tools |

    “Spread the Health” for Mental Health Awareness Month |

    Make the COOLEST DIY Sugar Scrub [VIDEO] |

    Tackle Your Pain Points with Aromatherapy |

    5 Indispensable Herbs to Rock Your Wellness Routine | ACHS

    Treating Veterans with Complementary Alternative Medicine | ACHS

    3 Green Tips to Benefit Your Life & the Earth |

    Natural Products Day 2018 |

    3 Powerful & Easy Ways to Go Green for Earth Day

    Can You Use Essential Oils with Cats? |

    Bachelor's Degree? A Holistic Approach to Higher Ed |

    Hops, Herb of the Year 2018 |

    How to Avoid the Dangers of Expired Oils |

    10 Superfoods Your Holistic Nutritionist Eats |

    Unleashing Opportunities in Health and Wellness | ACHS

    Gram Positive vs. Gram Negative Bacteria |

    Blending 101: The Art of Pairing Essential Oils Drop by Drop |

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