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    Getting Published - Sharing Your Capstone Thesis Project

    Ginger Oil & Chemotherapy

    The Difference Between Herbalism and Homeopathy

    How to Use Ginger Oil

    Opportunities in the Health and Wellness Sector With a DSc

    Ginger: A Closer Look

    ACHS Employer Summit 2023: Insights on Holistic Health

    Alumni Highlight: Carrie Gives Back to Her Community

    Fire Cider: A Tonic for Your Health Journey

    Putting The ACHS Doctor of Science in Integrative Health Into Practice

    What is Homeopathy?

    Embracing the Season: The Holistic Delights of Pumpkin Spice

    Essential Oils For Pets

    What You Need to Know About the ACHS Doctor of Science in Integrative Health

    Alumni Highlight: Diana's Journey to Holistic Health with ACHS

    Explore the World of Holistic Aromatherapy

    ACHS Integrative Health Education: Boost Your Holistic Health Career

    Retraining Your Sense of Smell: The Power of Scent Stimulation

    Enhancing Student Wellness: ACHS and TimelyCare

    The Connection Between Smell and Memory Retention

    Because Not All Stripes are the Same: Alumni Highlight Sharon Harrasser

    Celebrating Dani Reyes, 2023 ACHS Distinguished Peer Tutor Award Recipient

    Exploring the Bounties of Nature: Portland Herb Walk with Dr. Glen Nagel & Amanda Lattin

    ACHS Micro-Credentials: Enhance Your Practice

    Fuel Your Passion: Celebrating a New Class of Changemakers

    Folami Cary: Empowering Communities Through Herbal Education

    Your Potential in the Thriving Cannabis Industry

    Explore the Integrative Psilocybin Mushroom Specialist™ Micro-credential

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    Expert Tips to Dodge Employment Scams & Safeguard Your Career

    Enhancing Holistic Health through Comprehensive Blood Analysis

    Discover Your Path to Becoming an Integrative Health Professional

    ACHS Integrative Health Education: Empower Your Holistic Career

    ACHS Doctor of Science in Integrative Health: Transforming Healthcare

    Using White Sage Essential Oil Around the House

    Scholarship Recipient Isha Gaines Making a Difference in Mental Health

    ACHS Scholarship Recipient Nancy Davis is Pursuing Her Dreams

    Maximize Your Summer: Benefits of Enrolling in an Accelerated Semester

    7 Ways to Use Buddha Wood Oil

    5 Massage Oil Recipes You Will Love

    Celebrating Graduation 2023: A Day of Joy and Accomplishment

    How To Use White Sage Oil

    Buddha Wood: A Closer Look

    6 DIY Wellness Massage Oils

    Herb Day: 17 Years of Advocacy & Celebrating Herbal Remedies

    Meet Sian Seligman: ACHS Grad Making Waves in the Plant Medicine Field

    Meet Dr. Janet Carter: Empowering Veterans Through Herbal Medicine

    White Sage: A Closer Look

    Scholarship Recipient Says to Just Go For It! |

    ACHS Advanced Aromatherapy Student Creates Essential Oil Blends to Advance her Business

    4 Holistic Recipes for Silky-Smooth, Healthy Hair

    New Jobs in Holistic Health? Take our survey!

    Jump Start Your Holistic Health Career Skills with 3 New Online Classes

    Confessions of a Cortisol Queen: Her Key Health Tips to Reclaim Balance | ACHS

    What do I do with my wildcrafted nettles?

    Quality of Essential Oils: Extenders, Adulterants, Diluents...Oh My!

    Quality of Essential Oils: I say Lavender, You Say Lavandin...Is it the same?

    Funding Your Holistic Health Education: Tips for Finding Scholarships

    ACHS President Dorene Petersen Contributes to Rose! Herb of the Year 2012 Published by International Herb Association

    5 Essential Tips To Know When Using Hydrosols

    Congratulations Recent ACHS Graduates! We can't wait to hear about all your future successes!

    How to Choose an Aromatherapy Certification Program

    Become a Certified Aromatherapist - Help Kids with Cancer

    ACHS CIO Erika Yigzaw Awarded 2012 DETC Distinguished Recognition Award

    Six Tips to Buying Quality Aromatherapy Essential Oils

    Holistic Health: Swords To Ploughshares, Spears To Pruning Hooks

    Congratulations Recent ACHS Graduates! We can't wait to hear about all your future successes!

    Extend the Benefits of Massage: Part 2

    Quality of Essential Oils: Environmental & Sustainability Concerns

    Holistic Wellness: Our Favorite Student Websites, Videos, and Blogs

    Holistic Health at Home: Bach Flower Essences

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    Position Yourself to Achieve Mastery in Holistic Health & Wellness

    Holistic Health and the Beauty Industry: Are Cosmetics Safe?

    Holistic Kitchen: Benefits of Foraging for Wild Medicinal Plants

    Holistic Nutrition: Eat this Herb - Garlic

    What Is Iridology and How Is Iridology Used with Holistic Health?

    Holistic Nutrition: Eat this Herb - Cayenne

    ACHS Welcomes New Graduates to National Chapter of DET Honor Society

    ACHS and Apothecary Shoppe Re-Certified as Green America Gold Certified Businesses

    How to Make Homemade Lavender Lemonade and Lavender-Infused Water

    Holistic Nutrition in History: Neanderthals Used Plants for Medicine?

    Netiquette, Twitiquette, and Blogger-Etiquette for Sharing Content

    Study holistic health with ACHS Anywhere in the World

    Holistic Nutrition: Eat this Herb - Rosemary

    Herbal Medicine: How to Make Tinctures

    Aromatherapy at Home: Keep Kids Healthy from Seasonal Cold and Flu

    Celebrating Life with the Rebirth of Spring |

    Here's what to look for when choosing CBD products | Part 2 |

    If Excessive Salt is Bad for Health, How Do I Make Food Taste Good?

    What to Look For When Choosing CBD Products |

    All About Vitamin C |

    What are Medium Chain Triglicerides? |

    Top Festive Essential Oils For The Holidays |

    Holistic Spa Management with Dr. Deborah Leible

    Vitamin D and Immunity |

    10 Easy Relaxation Techniques to Harmonize Your Day (Blog 4Q 2015)

    Prepare For Fall With DIY Herbal Cough Drops |

    Herbal and Essential Oil Remedies for Children | ACHS

    3 Tips For A More Sustainable Takeout Experience |

    Conscious Consuming can be Frugal– Save the Planet by Shopping |

    Want To Succeed As A Holistic Health Entrepreneur? |

    Alumni Highlight: Chemistry Of Essential Oils |

    How To Get The Most Out Of Working From Home |

    Celebrating Black ACHS Students and Graduates |

    Tips From Successful Wellness Professionals | Part 2 |

    5 Black Holistic Wellness Leaders To Know |

    Alumni Highlight: Holistic Journeys Wellness |

    Alumni Highlight: Taking Care of Mind, Body, and Soul |

    Tips From Successful Wellness Professionals | Part 1 |

    Alumni Highlight: Holistic Nutrition and Energy Work |

    Alumni Highlight: Travel, Teaching, and Holistic Health |

    Student Highlight: Public Health and Wellness Approach |

    President's Message: End Of Year Reflections |

    Student Highlight: Wife and Husband Team Start New Business |

    Student Highlight: Holistic Health, Gratitude, and Smoothies |

    3 Tips For Building Better Habits |

    How Do We Define Aromatherapy? |

    Healing Ways of the Indigenous Navajo People |

    Alumni Highlight: Aromatherapy Grad Starts Business With Her Kids |

    Behind The Scenes: Sourcing High-Quality Essential Oils |

    Armed Forces To Holistic Health |

    Alumni Highlight: Vibrant Lifestyle Coaching |

    Alumni Highlight: ACHS Grad Finds Success As A Health Coach |

    Want To Succeed As A Holistic Health Entrepreneur? |

    3 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Try |

    A Healthy Winter Comes From Within |

    Three Areas of Health To Look Out For |

    Student Highlight: Natural Product Manufacturing Business |

    Professional Pathways for Holistic Practitioners |

    Choosing a Mortar and Pestle |

    Alumni Highlight: Opening A Thriving Business During COVID |

    Alumni Highlight: CAM Grad Opens Holistic Wellness Business |

    It Is Unlikely You Knew This! Nutritious Herbs You Must Try |

    Alumni Highlight: Aromatherapy Grad Opens New Business |

    New Webinar Series: At Home Aromatherapy Projects! |

    Our Favorite Tips For Stress Management |

    3 Essential Oils To Promote Focus |

    Stress Managment During COVID-19 |

    Reflections On Plastic Free July |

    Sustainability: A Visual Essay |

    Essential Oils: Expectations Vs. Reality |

    Plastic And COVID-19 |

    Clean Skin Care: DIY Lotion Bar |

    What Is Forest Bathing? |

    5 Common Composting Questions Answered |

    Not All Plastics Are Created Equal |

    Summer Fun: Gardening With Kids |

    5 Easy Green Living Tips |

    Go Plastic Free With ACHS This July |

    5 Reasons To Choose Online Education |

    How To Celebrate Your Virtual Graduation |

    Alumni Highlight: Brenda Nielsen |

    Treat Yourself To On-The-Go Aromatherapy |

    Herb Month 2020 Was Too Much Fun! |

    How To Stay Active During COVID |

    4 Ways To Practice Self Care |

    Why We Love Peppermint |

    The Benefits Of Being In Water |

    Alumni Highlight: Shannon Mesneak |

    4 Natural Rest Easy DIY Recipes |

    Alumni Highlight: Shanna Bynes |

    Pandemic Got You Feeling Down: Can Essential Oils Help? |

    Pantry Living: Herbal Remedies at your Fingertips |

    4 Healthy Immune System Habits |

    Wellness: Acclimated In The Mother’s Womb |

    Earth Day: How has COVID-19 changed the planet? |

    Self-Care for the Home Office |

    Making A Face Mask at Home |

    Alumni Highlight: Khetnu Nefer |

    Alumni Highlight: Amy Hardesty |

    How To Grocery Shop Like a Holistic Nutritionist |

    Music for Stress Relief |

    Essential Aromatherapy Supplies & Recipes for DIY Sanitizer |

    Collective Impact: Be The Change You Wish To See |

    Student Highlight: Cindy Lane Ross |

    How Do YOU #choosetoB Every Day?

    Community Sustainability at WOHESC |

    Top Resources for the Holistic Nutrition Researcher |

    5 Research Tips Every Researcher Should Know |

    What does it mean to be a Certified B Corporation? |

    Student Highlight: Kari Doherty |

    Alumni Highlight: Vanessa Goldeen |

    Student Highlight: Jennifer Langsdale |

    Alumni Highlight: Mikki Anderson |

    Alumni Highlight: Jennifer Agger |

    APA 7th Edition: What’s New? |

    Writing Research Papers: Some Common Support Tools |

    Alumni Highlight: Angela Seng |

    Alumni Highlight: Katja Evans |

    Alumni Highlight: Rachel Hayes |

    Celebrate Culinary Calendula |

    ACHS at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities |

    Alumni Highlight: Nona Kindsvater |

    Choose Calendula for Skin Health |

    Branding Your Wellness Business |

    Echinacea: A Beautiful Flower with a Beautiful Purpose |

    2020 End of Year Wrap Up - President’s Message |

    Is that a worm in my apple or certified organic herbs? |


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