Stay Informed with the ACHS Official Newsletter!

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Stay informed and make the most of your educational journey at the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) with the ACHS Official Newsletter.

As a current student at the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), you have access to a wealth of resources and opportunities to enhance your education and career. One essential tool to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings is the ACHS Official Newsletter. 

Let's take a closer look at what you can expect to find inside:

Important Event Dates:

At ACHS, student success is a top priority, and staying informed about important event dates and deadlines is crucial. The ACHS Official Newsletter ensures that you never miss out on essential dates related to your education and career advancement.

Webinar CTAUpcoming Webinars:

Continuing education is key to staying current in the ever-evolving field of integrative healthcare. The ACHS Official Newsletter provides information about upcoming webinars hosted by industry experts. These webinars cover a wide range of topics, allowing you to expand your knowledge, gain insights, and deepen your understanding of specific subjects. Attending these webinars can provide you with valuable skills to support your future career. Be sure to check the newsletter for webinar details and registration information.

ACHS TimelyCareStudent Benefits:

As an ACHS student, you have access to a variety of student benefits. The ACHS Official Newsletter highlights these benefits, which can range from academic resources to support services. Whether you need assistance with research, access to online databases, or guidance from academic advisors, the newsletter will direct you to the right resources. Make the most of your student status by exploring the benefits available to you.

Extra Credit Opportunities:

If you're eager to go above and beyond in your studies, the ACHS Official Newsletter presents extra credit opportunities. These opportunities allow you to delve deeper into specific topics or gain additional academic recognition. By participating in these activities, you can demonstrate your commitment to continuous learning, boost your academic achievements, and enhance your overall educational experience. The newsletter will provide you with information on how to get involved and take advantage of these opportunities.

Student Financial Resources:

Managing the cost of education is a concern for many students. The ACHS Official Newsletter recognizes the importance of financial well-being and provides information on available scholarships, grants, and other financial resources. By utilizing these resources, you can alleviate financial burdens and focus on your studies without undue stress. Keep an eye on the newsletter for updates on financial assistance opportunities.


Preparing for Life After College:

As you approach the end of your college journey, it's essential to plan for life after graduation. The ACHS Official Newsletter serves as a valuable resource in this regard. It provides information on the ACHS Career Center and Alumni Services. By exploring the resources offered, you can gain insights into career development, job search strategies, and networking opportunities. 


Make the most of your time at ACHS by staying informed and taking advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to you.

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