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May 4, 2023 11:34:12 AM | ACHS holistic health blog Herb Day: 17 Years of Advocacy & Celebrating Herbal Remedies

Discover the history of Herb Day & celebrate the remarkable healing properties of herbs. Learn how to integrate herbs into your wellness routine.

In this article, we embark on a journey through 17 years of Herb Day history and share new ways to integrate herbs into your wellness routine throughout the year.


2023 marks the 17th anniversary of Herb Day. Founded by the Herb Day Coalition in 2006, Herb Day is celebrated the first Saturday in May each year to bring awareness to the power of herbs, engage in advocacy for research and sustainability in the use of herbs, and promote the importance of herbs. The Herb Day Coalition includes brings together diverse herbal organizations, including American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP), American Herbalists Guild, United Plant Savers, American Botanical Council, and Herb Research Foundation. This Herb Day, discover new ways to integrate herbs into your wellness routine throughout the year. 


Herb Day is the perfect time to honor the remarkable healing properties of herbs and explore their potential to enhance our daily lives. Whether you're a seasoned herbalist or a curious beginner, join ACHS in celebrating the power of herbs and deepen your understanding of herbal remedies! In this article, we embark on a journey through 17 years of Herb Day history and share new ways to integrate herbs into your wellness routine throughout the year. 

Getting started with herbs can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

Using herbs in your daily life is easier than you think. It can be as simple as ending your day with an herbal tea to promote relaxation while you take a moment to reflect on your day. Or, if you're a DIY-lover, try making your own herbal capsules - you'll save money, feel more confident in the ingredients in your supplements, and have fun doing it!

Herbal teas are an easy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of herbs, and among my favorite ways to use herbs. Experiment with different blends and find what works best for you. Herbal teas give you an opportunity to get creative and try something new. Each herbal blend has a unique flavor and therapeutic qualities. Whether you prefer the floral aroma of chamomile or the spicy kick of ginger, there is an herbal tea you’re sure to love. 

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Image with herbs and title of Preparing Herbal Teas ebook available for free download.

Summer is a great time to liven your cooking and experience the wellness benefits of using herbs by growing your own herbs. Whether you have a large garden or an apartment patio, you can grow your own herbs to use in salads, make teas, spruce up a stir-fry, and bring the power of herbs into your diet. My top 5 herbs to grow are:

  • Peppermint (best in a pot as it spreads quickly) 
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Marjoram 

Fresh herbs can be used in summer iced teas, added to a salad, incorporated in a fresh sauce, or used as a pasta garnish, to share a few ideas.

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You may be surprised to discover the hidden ingredients in many store-bought dietary supplements. Curious? Check out this blog article from ACHS Founding President Dorene Petersen that highlights the hidden ingredients you may find in your supplements. Yikes!

Making your capsules is a great way to feel confident about what's in your supplements with the added bonus of cost-savings. Whether you're using turmeric for wellness or other herbs, we show you how easy it is to make your own capsules in this short tutorial. Talk about a throwback! I made this video in 2011, but we still use this same capsule maker because it is so user-friendly. 


In addition to learning more about using herbs for wellness, Herb Day also gives an opportunity to consider sustainability and stewardship for the herbs we use. The environmental impact of production practices can be significant. At ACHS and our Apothecary Shoppe College Store, we promote the importance of shopping organic for your herbs and always using a trusted source. You want to feel confident that the herbs you're using are not just good for you, but also good for the environment and the community. Sustainability when purchasing means taking into account:

  • How the plant is grown 
  • Workplace practices at farms - is there a living wage and practices that support employee wellness? 
  • If wildcrafted, is this done sustainably, and is using a wildcrafted botanical recommended?

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An important example of considering sustainability is White Sage Salvia apiana. White Sage has become increasingly popular in recent years, but wild white sage is on the United Plant Savers Species At Risk List. Fortunately, white sage can be cultivated from seeds and cuttings. When purchasing White Sage herb or essential oil, buyers should look for verification that it's cultivated or distilled from the leaves and stems of cultivated white sage plants. Other important considerations for stewardship in using this botanical are honoring its cultural heritage and historical significance.

ACHS provides opportunities to learn more about botanicals such as White Sage Salvia apiana through its micro-credentials. Explore our library of on-demand herbal medicine micro-credentials and continuing education online here

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Now that we've shared a few ways to incorporate herbs in your daily life, let's take a look back at how ACHS has celebrated Herb Day over the past 17 years. We had a great time remembering all of the wonderful students and graduates who have joined us to celebrate on-campus and the global community who have participated in our online events, from webinars to product-making workshops! 

Enjoy this walk down our Herb Day memory lane: 

  • Herb Day 2011 - Making Sprouts with ACHS Founding President Dorene Petersen
  • Herb Day 2014 - 20 Herbal Medicine Terms You Should Know
  • Herb Day 2020 Webinar Series - From Principles of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine in Cooking to Aromatherapy to Cleanse our Homes and Hands

Celebrate Herb Day by challenging yourself to incorporate herbs into your daily routine. Get started with our resources and join the conversation.

What are your favorite ways to use herbs for wellness? 

Tracey Abell, ACHS President

Written By: Tracey Abell, ACHS President

Tracey has always had a passion for natural health and joined American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2002. Tracey has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Science in Education, specializing in Leadership in Higher Education from Capella University. She also studied massage therapy at East West College of Healing Arts and aromatherapy at ACHS. Tracey serves on the Commission of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and as a DEAC accreditation standards evaluator, specializing in Business Standards and Title IV requirements. She is a former board member of the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Tracey enjoys travel and has spent time throughout Europe and in Thailand, Australia, and India. She loves spending time in her garden and exploring the beautiful Pacific NW and beyond!