Jump Start Your Holistic Health Career Skills with 3 New Online Classes

    Written by: Tanja Kaneshiro /
    Feb 21, 2023 3:27:12 PM

    **This blog post was updated December 2016 to reflect more recent information. 

    American College of Healthcare Sciences is proud to announce that it will offer a new writing and information literacy course, ENG 100 College Writing, Research Literacy, & Critical Thinking, in time for Summer Semester starting May 20, 2013. (Note, ENG 100 was originally three individual five-week, 1-credit courses: LIB 101, WR 101, and CT 101). 

    “Many graduates go on to publish books, articles, studyand blogs, and to present teleconferences and webinars. These new five-week courses are fun, engaging, and vital for building holistic health students’ confidence and career skills and so that they can appropriately represent the field in which they work,” adds ACHS CIO Erika Yigzaw.

    ACHS's ENG 100 College Writing, Research Literacy, & Critical Thinking course was 
    specifically designed to help complementary alternative medicine (CAM) students to refine their research, writing, and critical thinking skills in the field. This course grants credit towards ACHS's Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (AASCAM) and Associate of Applied Science in Health and Wellness (AASHW) degree programs.

    “Critical thinking and application, including research and writing, are essential skills for complementary alternative medicine students,” says ACHS President Dorene Petersen. “CAM students—and professionals—need to be able to accurately analyze current research and information on best practices to ensure a consistent, high-quality of knowledge and expertise in the field and to best serve the needs of their clients.”

    ENG 100 College Writing, Research Literacy, & Critical Thinking guides students through traditional and developing online research tools; employs a series of engaging exercises to help students fine-tune the basic writing skills needed to succeed in school and in professional communications; and introduces critical thinking. Each online module guides students through specific strategies to help them refine their analysis and evaluation skills.

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    You can learn more about ENG 100 College Writing, Research Literacy, & Critical Thinking, and all Summer Semester courses starting May 20, 2013, on the ACHS website at www.achs.edu. For more information, contact ACHS Admissions at (800) 487-8839 or email admissions@achs.edu.

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