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Apr 11, 2024 7:38:28 PM | marketing Effective Marketing Strategies for Holistic Health Practitioners 2024

Learn top marketing strategies for holistic health practitioners in 2024. Reach your audience with a value proposition, website, email and social media.

As a holistic health practitioner, you want to reach an audience that needs your unique skill set to achieve holistic health. Once you’ve chosen your mission, started your business, and designed your branding, it’s time to focus on developing your marketing strategy.

Here are the key steps for creating an effective marketing strategy in 2024:

Identify Your Target Audience

The first step in effectively marketing your holistic health business is to know your audience. Your business’s message and tone will vary depending on who you’re trying to reach, and you want to be specific in your messaging.

To a potential customer, “Hello friend! I see you’re interested in essential oil usage,” is far more of a compelling email opening than “To whom it may concern.”

If you’re customer base is less familiar with your product or services, your messaging might include more educational components, as you show your audience both the benefits of your product and why you’re the best business that makes it. Or, , if you want to connect with an audience that’s already familiar with common holistic health products, you might be able to assume more familiarity with your product and create content that speaks to deeper knowledge.


Craft a Value Proposition

With your audience in mind, your next step is to create a value proposition. Simply put, what separates your business from the competition? If you are a holistic health practitioner who offers wellness coaching, how are you different from other wellness coaches in the industry? Why should your customers choose you?

Your value proposition is the answer to these questions. Take time to sit down and write out all of the benefits that you can provide your customers. These can be tangible benefits, like “a personalized seven-day meal plan” and intangible benefits, like “a supportive coach who helps you feel your best.”

Once you have your value proposition, you can use it to design your client messaging. Your marketing and advertising materials should make your value proposition clear, even if they don’t quote it directly. Everything your customers see, from your website to your emails to ads, should show them your business can help them achieve their goals.


Build a User-Friendly Website

A user-friendly website can make a world of difference. Your website is often the first impression, especially for holistic health practitioners who operate online. Make sure it’s a good one!

To ensure your website is user-friendly, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my website operate well on both computers and mobile devices?
  • Are the font and colors on my website clearly readable for all audience members? (Consider that some fonts and color combinations are hard for people with vision problems or color blindness.)
  • Do you have a clear and concise Call-to-Action prominently displayed?
  • Does your website make it easy to order your products or schedule your service?


Explore Social Media Marketing

Once you know your target audience and you have a beautiful website that will attract customers, your next goal is to direct as many people to your website as possible. Social media marketing can help you do that.

Different strategies work best on different platforms, so we suggest picking one platform to start, and mastering your marketing strategy there before branching out to others.

Considering your target audience’s interests and age demographics, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram might be the best starting point for your business. Instagram is a picture-focused platform that tells a visual story of your business, while Facebook is a balance of pictures and narrative posts. Twitter is designed for very brief announcements and exciting new updates for your business.


Build a List for Email Marketing

Email marketing is your primary method of keeping in touch with past and future customers. Savvy marketers constantly work on building and maintaining an email list. Past customers who have used your products or services will likely buy from you again, especially if you keep them up-to-date on your latest offers.

You can also find future customers by offering exclusive content and deals to those who sign up for your mailing list. People interested in holistic health may be on the verge of becoming customers, and you can use effective emailing strategies to convince them that you’re the business they need!


Continue Learning How to Expand Your Business with ACHS!

As long as you know your target audience and design your website, social media, and emails with that audience in mind, you’ll be well on your way to connecting with the customers who need your services most!

To continue growing your business and marketing skills as a holistic health practitioner, check out ACHS’s business programs here!



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