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Jan 10, 2024 8:15:00 AM | achs alumni Alumni Highlight: Shelly Cobb's Path to Thriving Holistic Practice

Read Shelly Cobb's journey to becoming a holistic practitioner in nutrition & wellness & her personalized approach to helping clients enhance their health.

Shelly’s path to Nutrition and Wellness studies led her to ACHS. She felt that our programs were a perfect match because of the accreditation, affordability, and flexibility.  Shelly successfully earned her Masters in Holistic Nutrition and Graduate Certificate in Wellness Coaching with ACHS. As a student, she recalls memorable experiences with the faculty at ACHS, where she gained real-world concepts and was encouraged to pursue higher education. 

Thrive-Logo-Outlined-500x170Celebrating a decade of owning Thrive Wellness and Research Corporation, Shelly's trajectory has been marked by expansion and community impact as a Holistic Practitioner. Her passion lies in aiding individuals to enhance their health through holistic nutrition, exercise, and wellness coaching, underpinned by specialized training in nutrition and autoimmune conditions. She educates her clients on how foods can hinder or help support the body. 


Shelly’s Motivation & Business


Beyond her degree in Holistic Nutrition, Shelly holds a graduate degree in education and boasts credentials as a personal trainer. Her consultancy services are tailor-made for each client. What distinguishes her practice is the personalized, hands-on work she dedicates to her clientele. Shelly says “It is inspirational to see so many lives changed by applying holistic methods”. She finds joy in watching her clients regain their health and stamina. She does this by providing an in-depth holistic approach. She offers inclusive memberships that cover: daily dietary monitoring, suggested recipes, shopping lists, travel research, personal training, and weekly wellness sessions. Shelly is the only one in her area that provides this level of care. She says that “she does this so people can eat, move and THRIVE!”


A few of her clients had this to say about her work: 


Mrs. Cobb has completely transformed my life! I began my journey with her feeling tired, grumpy, and achy almost all day every day; her holistic program has healed and restored my mind and body. The tools she gives are priceless- the truth and importance of health that she has brought into my life has helped my entire family. I recommend EVERYONE desiring a real change and transformation to visit Thrive Wellness.   

- Hannah D. 


Shelly is a very skilled, thorough, and caring practitioner. She is current with modern, functional nutrition and has helped so many people I know and care about.

- Dr. Ganem, D.C.


Advice to Her Peers

Shelly has had many learning moments throughout her years of building a business. Her advice to ACHS students and alumni interested in business ownership, “working for yourself offers so much flexibility but keep in mind the overhead costs to run a business. You are the owner and need a worthy wage. Do your area market research. Find out what the going rate is and what your needs are and think about the cost of the phone, printer ink, etc. Once you have those numbers, then figure out your pricing.”

She also recommends providing a discovery call to potential clients to figure out if the clients’ needs would be a good fit. She suggests having a list of referrals for prospective clients that need a different scope of practice than what she can provide. 

She highly encourages students to keep learning. Continuing education has been an important part of building her business and meeting her client’s needs and she believes this is important for everyone in the holistic health field. 


What the Future Holds

Shelly is currently finishing up her Doctorate of Health Science with a dual emphasis in Clinical Nutrition and Education. She would like to expand her business to work with children focusing on ADHD and nutritional deficiencies, marrying her two degrees in education and nutrition together. This is the focus of her dissertation. She plans to continue serving her community and helping people thrive!

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