Apr 10, 2024 8:45:00 AM | health and wellness Alumni Highlight: Andrea Vinson, Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Creator of Natural Products

Learn about Andrea Vinson, an award-winning entrepreneur and creator of natural products who recently received a grant to expand her business creating natural hair and skincare products.

An Accomplished Entrepreneur

We are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of our ACHS Associate of Applied Science in Integrative Health Sciences graduate, Andrea Vinson. Andrea was recently awarded a $3,000 grant by Black Entrepreneurs of the Flint Hills. Andrea became a finalist of many other entrepreneurs after delivering an in-depth presentation and speech representing her business in front of a group of judges. She was delighted to receive the news that she was awarded a grant! Andrea will be using the funds to continue to create natural products, build her business, and bring her creations to her community.

Searching For Natural Products

When Andrea was 26 years old, she realized harmful chemicals were being used in many products and knew she wanted to create a healthier, natural option. After graduating from cosmetology school, she started creating recipes and launched a business. She strived to make her products accessible, ethical, and financially feasible for the general public. Her hair and skincare line go beyond just smelling nice. She also strives to increase skin and hair health and reduce pain in her clients. 

Equity in Motion finalist

Andrea owns the successful natural hair and body products business Products by Andrea. Since that moment after cosmetology school, Andrea has dedicated twelve years to manufacturing ethical compounds. She continuously develops new products and has been diligently working on expanding her business. She says that her natural hair and body products are perfect for every type of hair, no matter the condition, and every type of skin, no matter the sensitivity. All of Andrea’s products can be found on her website. She is also working on publishing multiple books and developing a subscription service. 

Andrea’s clients praise her products. One client says "If you have curly hair you should check this business out. I can't tell you enough about how the leave-in conditioner smells great, the scent dissipates, and the products feel light and touchable while actively helping to defrizz curls and keep my hair smooth no matter what the style, curly or straight. It does not irritate my very irritable skin. I highly recommend you try these products!"


The Support of ACHS

Andrea is thrilled with her choice to pursue her degree at ACHS. She chose ACHS because of the comprehensive nature of the degree program and feels that the Associate of Applied Science in Integrative Health Sciences program encompassed everything she wanted from a degree. Andrea credits ACHS with helping form her path. She thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience and support from advisors and instructors. She says “It is amazing how much I learned with my Associate's degree. I feel like I earned a Master's degree with everything  I learned." Her advice to prospective and current students is to “Learn all you can from ACHS! This was the best education I've ever received. It actually prepares you for real-life situations." 

Congratulations to Andrea! We are so proud of your accomplishments. The ACHS Community looks forward to the advancement of Andrea's business and seeing the new products she is developing!

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