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Jun 22, 2023 8:00:00 AM | online programs in herbalism ACHS Integrative Health Education: Empower Your Holistic Career

Learn more about some of the exciting professional paths you can pursue with an integrative health education from ACHS with our new Doctorate Program!

Are you passionate about promoting holistic well-being and empowering individuals to lead healthier lives? American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) is a leading accredited institution offering a comprehensive range of integrative health certificates, diplomas, and degree programs. With a strong emphasis on natural healing modalities and evidence-based practices, ACHS equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-growing field of integrative health.

At ACHS, we understand that the demand for qualified professionals in the integrative health industry is on the rise. That’s why we’ve launched the new ACHS Doctor of Science in Integrative Health program with multiple upcoming start dates. Along with a wide range of comprehensive wellness programs, the Doctor of Science in Integrative Health provides a holistic, professional degree for those with a vision of transforming the healthcare system and helping communities thrive. Keep reading to learn more!

As people increasingly seek alternative approaches to health and wellness, there is a need for well-trained individuals who can provide guidance, support, and expertise. Our diverse range of programs prepares graduates for a variety of rewarding careers, enabling them to make a positive impact on individuals, communities, and organizations alike.


Here are just a few of the exciting professional paths you can pursue with an integrative health education from ACHS:

  1. Health and Wellness Coach: As a health and wellness coach, you will work closely with clients, guiding them toward achieving their health goals and adopting sustainable lifestyle changes. With the knowledge and skills gained from experiential learning in our online programs, you can inspire and empower individuals to make informed choices about their well-being.
  2. Consultant or Educator: Share your expertise with others by becoming a consultant or educator in the field of integrative health. Whether you work with organizations, schools, or community groups, you can help shape policies, develop wellness programs, and educate others about the benefits of holistic practices.
  3. Writer or Speaker: If you have a passion for writing or public speaking, integrative health education can provide a solid foundation for a career in health journalism, blogging, or motivational speaking. Use your words to inspire and educate others about the transformative power of integrative health.
  4. Allied Healthcare Professionals: Many healthcare providers are recognizing the importance of integrating complementary and alternative medicine into their practices. With an ACHS education, you can complement your existing healthcare expertise and become a valuable asset as a nurse, physician assistant, or other allied healthcare professional.
  5. Government or Community-Based Integrative Healthcare Advisor: Shape public health policies and initiatives as a government or community-based integrative healthcare advisor. By working closely with policymakers and community leaders, you can contribute to the development of comprehensive healthcare strategies that prioritize holistic well-being.
  6. Health Consultant for Community Health Organizations: Make a difference in your community by working as a health consultant for community health organizations. Your expertise in integrative health can help these organizations design and implement wellness programs that address the unique needs of the community and promote overall health.

To cater to the diverse interests and career goals of our students, ACHS offers a wide array of certificates, diplomas, and degrees in integrative health. These include:




  • Diploma in Holistic Health Practice: Deepen your understanding of holistic health principles and gain hands-on experience in various natural healing modalities. This comprehensive program prepares you to provide holistic care and support to clients.

Associate Degrees:

Bachelor Degree:

  • Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences: Take your knowledge and skills to the next level with a comprehensive bachelor's degree program that combines scientific understanding with holistic health principles. Develop the expertise necessary to lead and contribute to the advancement of integrative health practices.

Master Degrees:

  • Master of Science in Integrative Health Sciences: Expand your knowledge and research skills in integrative health through an in-depth master's program. Prepare to become a leader and advocate for evidence-based practices in the field.
  • Master of Science in Health & Wellness: Dive deep into the various dimensions of health and wellness, exploring the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Develop advanced skills in health promotion, disease prevention, and client-centered care.

Graduate Certificates:

Doctorate Degree:


At ACHS, we are committed to providing a high-quality education that combines rigorous academic training with real-world applications. Our faculty members are experienced practitioners in their respective fields, ensuring that you receive practical insights and valuable mentorship throughout your educational journey. Additionally, our flexible online learning platform allows you to study at your own pace and balance your education with other commitments.

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Embark on a fulfilling career in holistic wellness with ACHS. Whether you are just starting your educational journey or looking to expand your existing healthcare expertise, our integrative health programs will empower you to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of individuals and communities. 

Take the first step towards a rewarding career by exploring the diverse range of certificate, diploma, and degree options available at ACHS today!


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