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May 16, 2024 6:00:00 PM | achs alumni Meet Our Amazing Alumni

We are proud of our community and the alumni at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. We know they inspire students who follow in their footsteps.

Here are just a few of our amazing graduates and their stories:

Andrea Vinson

Andrea Vinson is an award-winning entrepreneur and creator of natural products. She recently received a grant from Black Entrepreneurs of the Flint Hills to expand her business, Products by Andrea. When Andrea was 26 years old, she realized harmful chemicals were being used in many products and knew she wanted to create a healthier, natural option. Andrea earned her Associate of Applied Science in Integrative Health Sciences, which helped her expand on her entrepreneurial journey.

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Tanya Ellie

Tanya Ellie came to ACHS to pursue her passion for holistic health with a Master of Science in Health and Wellness. One of her favorite classes was the Wellness Coaching and Communication Skills course, which has given her skills she continues to use today in her holistic health coaching and consulting service, The Holistic Remedy.

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Shelly Cobb

Shelly Cobb was already running her own business, the Thrive Wellness and Research Corporation, when she came to ACHS to earn her Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition and her Graduate Certificate in Wellness Coaching. Her dedication to ongoing learning as a holistic practitioner drew her to our programs to help her clients continue to thrive. Shelly continues to embody the practice of lifelong learning as she finishes her Doctorate in Health Science with a dual emphasis in Clinical Nutrition and Education at ACHS.

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Amber Elliott

Amber Elliot’s interest in herbalism began in childhood when she would spend hours playing in the woods and examining the herbs and plants that grew there. She brought that childhood passion to ACHS to earn her Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences and multiple Certificate programs. Amber runs her health and wellness business, Hawah Life, and her podcast, Brew of Wellness, to promote and support holistic well-being in her community. She is also a 2024 ACHS Famous Alumni Award nominee!

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Carrie Turpin

Carrie Turpin’s holistic education journey with ACHS spans decades, starting with her initial attendance in 1997 and culminating in her return to school and graduation in 2023. With her Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (now Integrative Health Sciences), Carrie owns and operates her business, The Green-Eyed Cat, which offers natural care and beauty products that support wellness. Carrie’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, as she’s had to overcome vision loss and brain trauma during her studies, but she continues reaching for the stars as she expands her business and works on developing a nonprofit.

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Diana Alvarez

Diana Alvarez found her inspiration to pursue aromatherapy and plant healing in the desert plants of Baja California. She brought that passion to ACHS with her completion of the Certificate in Aromatherapy program and started her own natural products business, Essential Botanicals. She continues to draw inspiration from the native herbs of Baja California and encourages others to never stop following their purpose.

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Folami Cary

Folami Cary is dedicated to empowering and supporting her community, and completing her Certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing was just one of the many steps on her path. Folami uses her herbal and aromatherapy knowledge to manage an herbal store and offers a free “herbal hour” class once a month. Folami is also the founder of The Precious Jewels Prevention Program and a collaborator on the Circle Keepers Deck, two projects that help empower and educate children and young adults.

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Sharon Harrasser

Sharon Harrasser believes that it’s never too late to implement holistic education into your life. She worked as a Registered Medical Assistant for 25 years before she decided to address the need for holistic health and coaching that she saw in her work. After completing a Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (now Integrative Health Sciences), Sharon started her wellness coaching business, Thirteen Zebras, with a specific focus on supporting people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders.

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Dani Reyes

Dani Reyes is still a student at ACHS, but she’s already making an impact on the holistic health education community. In 2023, she received the ACHS 2023 Distinguished Peer Tutor Award, for her outstanding work in supporting fellow students alongside her studies. As Dani continues on her journey to complete her Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next as she applies her mentoring compassion to her future dream of opening a wellness business.

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