Meet Sian Seligman: ACHS Grad Making Waves in the Plant Medicine Field

May 3, 2023 9:37:21 AM | Meet Sian Seligman: ACHS Grad Making Waves in the Plant Medicine Field

Sian Seligman, ACHS's Outstanding Graduate of 2023, discusses her journey to herbal medicine and plans for a new company in this inspiring blog.

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2023 DEAC Outstanding Graduate

Sian Seligman is a graduate of ACHS’s Master of Science in Herbal Medicine program and has been selected as the recipient of the ACHS 2023 DEAC Outstanding Graduate for making a positive impact in the herbalism and plant medicine field. Sian also completed the ACHS Integrative Cannabis Specialist™ and Integrative Psilocybin Mushroom Specialist™ micro-credentials. After working as a Brand Marketing Strategist, Sian’s journey toward plant medicine began when she took on the role of Chief Marketing Officer for a cannabis company. She felt the need to understand cannabis on a deeper clinical level, which led her to enroll at ACHS. As a busy professional, Sian found ACHS to be a great fit because of its renowned reputation in the industry and the flexibility it offers as an accredited college.

Sian has already contributed a great deal to the herbalism and plant medicine field. During her time with ACHS, she has had five articles published in Double Blind magazine. She is a Board Trustee at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she is helping to integrate cannabis and psychedelics into their clinical psychology training program. She has expressed gratitude for her education in the Herbal Medicine program, specifically in the Materia Medica courses, where she can dig into clinical research studies and apply this knowledge to her profession. She appreciates the encouragement and guidance of her professors who helped her along the way. Sian shared that the faculty members at ACHS have been supportive, nurturing, and have provided an environment to grow, learn, and excel. 

Sian Seligman Choosing Herbal Medicine with ACHS

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states that “ACHS has been instrumental in my development and has given me the motivation and confidence to give back to my community and educate others on the importance of plant medicine and psychedelics, especially in underserved communities and people of color who are often underrepresented in empirical research." Her capstone research focuses on psilocybin as a treatment for race-based trauma and PTSD. Through her work and research, Sian strives to bring awareness and normalization to incorporating inclusivity and diversity into the field.

About ACHS Graduate Sian Seligman

Programs Completed at ACHS by Sian Seligman

Sian Seligman’s Background 

  • Brand Marketing Strategist
  • Chief Marketing Officer for a cannabis company

Future Career Goals for Sian Seligman

Sian is in the early stages of launching a company within the next year called Thank You So Mush, which integrates mushrooms, herbal medicine, and psychedelics as they become legalized. The company's mission is to promote gratitude for nature and everything our bodies do for us and celebrate who we are—perfectly imperfect and grateful humans. Her products aim to support homeostasis, supporting its proper functioning. Sian believes our bodies are our greatest asset, and we should treat them with love and respect.


Sian’s journey is an example of how education can lead to personal growth and positive impacts on society. We congratulate Sian on her achievements and look forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the future!

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