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Feb 9, 2024 7:45:00 AM | ACHS Faculty Introducing the Newest Faculty Members at ACHS

Meet our newest faculty members! These distinguished educators bring diverse backgrounds and shared dedication to shaping the next generation of health professionals.

American College of Healthcare Sciences welcomes a new group of distinguished faculty members this spring and the internal promotion of a new dean. These accomplished educators bring a wealth of knowledge, diverse backgrounds, and a shared dedication to shaping the next generation of integrative health and wellness professionals. From seasoned industry veterans to emerging leaders in their respective fields, each faculty member contributes a unique set of skills and experiences that will undoubtedly enrich the academic landscape of ACHS. We look forward to their contributions and expertise in the semester ahead!

Meet Our New Faculty Members 

Nafiseh Khoram, BS, MS 

Assistant Professor, General Education

Professor Nafiseh Khoram holds a bachelor's degree in Pure Mathematics from the Azad University in Tehran and a master of science degree in Applied Mathematics from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Her academic journey laid the foundation for her passion for applying mathematical principles in real-world contexts. 

Professor Khoram previously worked as a retail audit company data analyst and change management specialist at an overseas automobile manufacturer. Her professional trajectory evolved further when she transitioned to an academic role as a mathematics lecturer at CSUN. At the Fuson Academy, the world's most personalized private school, she served as a mathematics teacher, enriching students' learning experiences through creative pedagogical methods. She has dedicated herself to fostering mathematical literacy and critical thinking skills among students. 

Outside the classroom, Professor Khoram is a movie enthusiast and enjoys baking, running, and spending time with her little one. She also actively engages in the academic community as the Lecturers' Representative in the Faculty Senate at CSUN. This role allows her to advocate for her colleagues' interests and concerns, enhancing the academic environment. She looks forward to further contributing to mathematics and education and empowering others in their learning journeys. 


Monica Jaramillo, DNP, MSN-Ed., RN/NLC, CNEn, Alumnus CCRN 

Assistant Professor, General Education

Dr. Monica Jaramillo is a recognized doctorate-prepared nurse educator and independent author who strongly advocates diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) at the highest levels of healthcare professions. She earned her doctorate in Healthcare Systems Leadership and a master's degree in Education from Chamberlain University, maintaining the highest honors and recognitions in her field. 

Dr. Jaramillo advocates for self-care, professionalism, scholarship, and holistic healthcare practices through her multiple professional roles and publications. She is passionate about inspiring others from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds, like herself, to achieve their dreams and commit to life-long learning while advocating for improvements in global healthcare. 

Dr. Jaramillo is a visiting professor and adjunct faculty of various doctoral and master-level programs at multiple institutions. She is also a faculty chair, reviewer, mentor of doctoral projects, and a subject-matter expert for health care. Her clinical background is in the multi-systems Intensive Care Unit. Her doctoral thesis consisted of an extensive literature review of research evidence regarding the impact of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's High Obesity Program to mitigate adult obesity while offering empathetic community support. In her free time, Dr. Jaramillo enjoys spending time with her family, writing for publications, and volunteering for international open-access contributions. 


Alison Loercher, DAOM, L.Ac 

Assistant Professor, Herbal Medicine 

Dr. Alison Loercher has been a practicing clinician specializing in acupuncture and herbal medicine since 2009. A graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine's (OCOM) master's and doctoral programs, she has advanced training in topics related to reproductive health and chronic complex diseases. 

Dr. Loercher co-founded The Vital Compass, a herbal medicinary located in Portland, Oregon, which has served the community local to the area for over a decade. At OCOM, she taught graduate-level classes in practice management, research, and herbal medicine since 2011 and supervised in the intern clinic, overseeing students beginning to practice both acupuncture and herbal medicine. 

Dr. Loercher has a passion for botanical medicine and desires to make information accessible to those who share her interests. 


Heather Manley, ND 

Assistant Professor, Herbal Medicine 

Dr. Heather Manley is a practicing naturopathic doctor who received her medical degree in 2001 from the National University of Natural Health in Portland, Oregon. She is the award-winning author of the Human Body Detectives book and curriculum series. She focuses on preventative healthcare using functional medicine philosophies that allow people to be confident and proactive in their everyday health—she is a contributing writer to Dandelion Moms, Organic Eats magazine, Parents Canada, and KIWI magazine. 

Dr. Manley was inspired to write the Human Body Detectives stories to provide a fun and engaging resource to teach kids how their bodies work and what foods best feed them. 

Dr. Manley practices in California and Hawaii and lives on the Big Island. 


Tammy Mayberry, BA, MEd, MS, MA 

Assistant Professor, Aromatherapy 

Professor Tammy Mayberry received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Life/Earth Science. She taught math and science for over 15 years. She then continued her education by pursuing a master's degree in Educational Leadership, which she used to coach and train teachers, eventually moving into administration.

Professor Mayberry has written curricula for science instruction, created a coaching program for instructional coaches, and co-wrote an article on instructional coaching for Educational Leadership magazine. 

A friend introduced Professor Mayberry to Aromatherapy in 2015, and her passion for learning about oils and herbs began. Her research on holistic health and alternative medicine led her to ACHS where she pursued a double master's in Aromatherapy and Complementary Alternative Medicine. Professor Mayberry has since used her degree to provide consulting and support services to her clients seeking alternative therapy. 


Announcing the New Dean of Herbal Medicine

Judith Thompson, ND 

Dean of Herbal Medicine 


ACHS is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Judith Thompson as the new Dean of Herbal Medicine. Dr. Thompson is a Naturopathic Doctor focusing on herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, mind-body stress management, and women's and children's health. She graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2005. Driven by her passion for natural childbirth, she entered the realm of doula work, eventually transitioning to become a skilled birth assistant and midwife, dedicating an impressive 18 years to this fulfilling role.

Upon retiring from the field of birth, Dr. Thompson went into regenerative medicine, working with the Life Extension Foundation, where she consulted with people well into their nineties. She has been in private practice since 2005, working with people of all ages. 

Dr. Thompson has published articles on the mind-body connection to health and various natural remedies in international medical journals and is the co-author of a children's health book. She is an international consultant and presenter on naturopathic medicine, lecturing for naturopathic and osteopathic schools, pharmacy schools, and national medical conferences. She has been interviewed by international nutraceutical companies, television stations, and radio shows. 

Dr. Thompson is the current director of Special Projects and Immediate Past President of the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association, serving on the board of directors since 2008. She is the former Florida Representative for the House of Delegates of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She was the executive director of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute for three years. She has been teaching at the university level since 2007. 


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