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May 24, 2024 11:49:50 AM | holistic nutrition HEALCon 2024: ACHS Faculty and Students Shine at the NANP Annual Conference

ACHS faculty and students excelled at the NANP Annual HEALCon 2024 Conference, showcasing research, receiving awards, and making industry connections.

Tracey Abell, Nicole Hodson, and Laura Waldo at HEALCon 2024The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Annual Conference is a highly anticipated annual event in the realm of holistic nutrition. Renamed HEALCon in 2020, this gathering attracts nutrition professionals, educators, and students alike. This year, HEALCon was held in San Diego, California, from April 25th-28th. ACHS leadership and several students attended to share research, accept prestigious awards, and make important industry connections. Let's take a closer look at HEALCon and explore highlights from this year’s event!

What is HEALCon?

HEALCon, formerly known as the NANP Conference & Expo, represents the epitome of holistic nutrition education and networking. It serves as a platform for professionals to engage with leading industry experts and explore the latest advancements in holisticTracey Abell and Margaret Kotzalas at HEALCon 2024 nutrition. The conference offers comprehensive educational programming, networking opportunities, and an expo showcasing cutting-edge products and services.

Attendees of the conference include holistic nutrition professionals such as nutrition educators, natural chefs, registered dieticians, health coaches, and school directors. HEALCon also welcomes an array of attendees from medical professions, such as medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, mental health counselors, physical therapists, and more.


Benefits of Attending HEALCon

Attendees of HEALCon get unparalleled opportunities for personal growth and development within the field of holistic nutrition. They have the chance to learn from renowned speakers, connect with like-minded practitioners, and gain insights into emerging trends and best practices. 

The activity-filled days include breakout sessions, general sessions, numerous networking events, and an expo showcasing the latest products, programs, and services from leading vendors in the holistic nutrition industry. Attendees can explore a wide range of topics, from the latest scientific research to innovative business strategies.


Dr. Janet Ludwig Receives Prestigious HEALCon Award

Dr. Janet Ludwig receives 2024 HEALCon AwardIn a major highlight of the event, ACHS Dean of Integrative Health and Nutrition Dr. Janet Ludwig’s was recognized with the NANP prestigious HEALCon Award. The HEALCon award was established in 2010 by NANP’s Board of Directors to honor and recognize exceptional individual achievements and contributions in the holistic nutrition industry. Read more about Dr. Ludwig and the HEALCon Award


ACHS Students Present Their Holistic Nutrition Research

Lisaterri Casimir, Tanya Ellie, Anne Moon, Tiffany Lewis, and Jason Kies present research at HEALCon

This year’s conference featured a record number of ACHS students and graduates presenting in the Poster Sessions. ACHS is proud to have supported several of these graduates through its
partnership with Hawthorn University to teach out students when the institution closed. This teach-out has been a wonderful example of collaboration in wellness education. These eight graduates presented their innovative research in the field of integrative nutrition:

Nutrition and Lifestyle May Improve the Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients by Laura Bonilla, MS

Effect of the Mediterranean Diet on Women’s Fertility by Tanya Ellie

Pathway to Food Security: Garden Therapy for Mental Illness by Jennifer Ferraro, NP

Disease-fighting Potential of Phytonutrients from Four Underutilized Fruits in Taiwan by Jason Kies

Haitian Traditions of Herbal Medicine by Margaret Kotzalas

Therapeutic Efficacy of Curcumin Across Varied Inflammatory Pathologies by Tiffany Lewis

Gluten, the Gut, and Mental Health Disorders by Anne Barbo Moon

Variation in Beef’s Fatty Acid Profile and Its Role in Human Health by Autumn Smith, in partnership with researchers at Utah State University. 



HEALCon 2024 was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and advancement in holistic nutrition. We’re already looking forward to HEALCon 2025!


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