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Oct 11, 2023 8:00:00 AM | achs alumni Alumni Highlight: Diana's Journey to Holistic Health with ACHS

Discover Diana Alvarez's journey to becoming an advocate for holistic health and sustainable practices, specializing in essential oils and plant healing.

About Diana Alvarez

Diana comes from a traditional Mexican family. She remembers being interested in plant healing as a child and felt a strong calling to study essential oils and holistic health modalities. After going down an educational path that no longer served her, and after dealing with some health issues, she decided to study yoga and made a trip to India, igniting her passion for the holistic health field.

Diana is surrounded by the desert plants of Baja California and has a deep appreciation of these plants. She is an avid trail runner and has spent much time marveling at the native plants in her area, such as White Sage. She also sees the need to preserve these sacred plants, which keeps her motivated to advocate for sustainable practices. 


Path to Holistic Health

Diana started her journey in Aromatherapy with the Australasian College of Health Care Sciences 14 years ago and was inspired by the work of the founder of the American College of Healthcare Sciences, Dorene Peterson. She was thrilled to find formal education in essential oils after searching for credible education in this field. She did not realize at the time that this internet search would lead her down a path of pursuing her passion professionally. She started devouring books on the topics of herbs and botany and eventually enrolled in the Certificate in Aromatherapy program. 

Diana graduated in 2022, and she, in reflection, states, "I didn't set the goal of completing the course at the time of enrollment; back then, I just wanted to learn about essential oils and was blessed from the get-go in finding the then Australasian College of Health Care Sciences online. Now, with all the turns and deviations life has taken me through, I deeply believe it was a divine blessing, the kind where life places you right on your path even before you realize the magnitude of the situation.”

She thoroughly enjoyed her experience with ACHS and still stays connected as an Alumni because she felt ACHS was "always one step ahead” and produces top-notch research. Diana loved that she could take her time with her education while raising her son and she appreciated the flexibility and ability to be adaptable within her classes. She says with enthusiasm, "Nothing compares to the level of education ACHS offers." 


Essential AromaterapiaTurning Passion Into a Career

During her holistic health journey and education, Diana envisioned creating and selling massage oils, which was a catalyst to start a natural products line. Her business is called Essential Botanicals. Her work is vital to her because she believes that "your work can have an impact on others that you may not even realize.” She feels that her time at ACHS prepared her to make a living as a natural products business owner, and she is passionate about helping others live their most optimal lives. She also supports the trail running community with her wellness products. 

Diana produces organic skincare and natural remedies for common ailments. The products range from massage oils, lotions, and creams, balms to herbal pastilles, tinctures, and tea blends. While she uses essential oils from all over the world and common medicinal herbs, the focus is on the native herbs of our area in Baja, California. Much of her work promotes the preservation and propagation of these botanicals. Diana states that her formulations are a result of her understanding of the scientific aspect, her delicate techniques to preserve the chemical compounds of plants, and her sensitivity and intuition to be guided by the plants' wisdom.


Her Advice to Other Plant Enthusiasts 

Diana is a shining example of persistence in pursuit of passion. She took many different roads to be where she is today, and she leads with patience and integrity. Diana believes in continuous education, even when not in a formal class, and embodies the importance of immersive learning. Diana's advice to others on their wellness journey is to “be authentic!” She advises, "Work on yourself and develop a deep sense of purpose. Goals are great and needed in business, but having a clear purpose will allow you to be flexible, resilient, and go above and beyond." 

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