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    I am Prof. Deryl Gulliford RRT, RCP, MHA, FAAMA, FACCA. After more than 20 years in healthcare, I still love this profession just as much as I did when I graduated from training. Along the way I’ve served as Respiratory Care Practitioner, Cardiovascular Perfusionist, Cardiopulmonary Department Director, Vice-President, CEO and now Professor. I’ve enjoyed each role, but I have a special love for teaching. Aside from meeting my amazing wife Terrie, I would say that healthcare is just about the best thing ever to happen to me. My peers elected me the 2005 William Newcomer Healthcare Executive of the Year for the United States, and my hospital made the Top 100 Hospitals in America list of Modern Healthcare magazine. Throughout my career, Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health have been crucial to my personal mission and my success. I've held CEO positions at three hospitals since 1991. I am currently CEO of the Northwest Oklahoma Healthcare Consortium and State Director for the American Academy of Medical Administrators here in Oklahoma City. Outside of the hospital, I am active at the Board level in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Hospice and the American Heart Association. I am a member of the Masonic Lodge and the India Shrine. My wife Terrie helps me at every step of the way and tries to keep up with our three amazing kids Carrie 28, Jake 23 and Lorrie 21…not to mention three grandkids Makina, Kendra and Eva. Terrie is also Service Manager for a highly regarded Motorcycle/ATV shop here in Enid, OK. I am honored to be a member of the ACHS Faculty. I love healthcare and I love teaching online, so ACHS is a great place for me.

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    Jan 14, 2020 11:25:58 AM
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