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    Melissa Trujillo

    Melissa is an Academic Advisor for ACHS and is currently working towards an Educational Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. She holds a Masters of Science in Management from Colorado Technical University as well as a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University. To say she supports higher education would be somewhat of an understatement. In her free time, Melissa enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family. She also enjoys sharing her passion for education with others.
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    Melissa Trujillo /  
    Apr 16, 2020 12:30:00 PM

    Making A Face Mask at Home |

    It’s 2020, right?! Who would have thought we would find ourselves amid a pandemic? I certainly didn’t. Hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper, gloves, and face masks have flown off the shelves at nearly every store around the globe. Every day the...

    Melissa Trujillo /  
    Aug 26, 2015 12:24:34 PM

    5 Foolproof Ways to Fail Finals Week

    By Melissa Trujillo and Renee Long

    Final exams can leave students with conflicted emotions. They signal the finish line of a class, but finals week is also a rigorous, sometimes stressful part of the student journey.

    Finals week is nearly here...


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