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Jun 12, 2023 5:14:00 PM | online graduate degree in CAM ACHS Scholarship Recipient Nancy Davis is Pursuing Her Dreams

Discover Nancy Davis' inspiring journey as an ACHS scholarship recipient, fueled by her passion for holistic health and desire to impact her community.

Nancy Davis, an aspiring holistic health professional, has been granted the prestigious Adult Skills Scholarship from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS). This $1000 tuition scholarship will aid Nancy in her journey toward becoming a Master Aromatherapist. Let's delve into her story and explore her reasons for choosing ACHS, her passion for holistic health, and her future aspirations.

Choosing ACHS

Nancy chose the Diploma in Aromatherapy, Master Aromatherapist Program with ACHS because of the well-rounded curriculum. Her goal is to open a holistic practice in the future. She felt it was essential to find a program that incorporated business concepts that she could apply to her future profession. She was intrigued by the  Holistic Health Consulting & Business Skills included in her program. She looks forward to taking this class and learning crucial entrepreneurial skills

Nancy's journey with ACHS has been nothing short of impressive. She commends the professionalism, friendliness, and helpfulness of the staff members she has interacted with. Every step of the way, Nancy has received outstanding support and guidance from the ACHS team. She appreciates the positive energy and strong ethical values that permeate the college, further solidifying her belief in her choice of institution.



About ACHS Scholarship Recipient Nancy Davis

Scholarship Awarded

Programs Enrolled at ACHS by Nancy Davis

What Drives Nancy Davis 

  • Passion for herbs, nature, and essential oils
  • A desire to learn more about holistic health and make a positive impact on her community.



An Opportunity to Succeed

Nancy is thrilled to receive the ACHS Adult Skills Scholarship. She believes that knowledge and education are necessary to move forward with her passion for holistic health. Nancy is using the scholarship to help her achieve the steps required to serve others in need, which is her ultimate goal. At this time, her goal starts with aromatherapy and will progress to other holistic focuses. 


Encouragement for Others

Nancy's message to individuals who share her passion for holistic health is a resounding one:

“It is never too late to begin a different journey!”

She acknowledges that she may have delayed her start, but she is now fully committed and urges others to pursue their goals with determination. Her story is a testament to the fact that no matter the stage of life, the pursuit of dreams remains within reach.


Future Goals in Holistic Health

Nancy developed a love for holistic health from an early age, heavily influenced by her parents and the rich Mexican culture she was raised in. Surrounded by herbs and nature, she developed a deep appreciation for the therapeutic power of plant essential oils. Nancy's aspiration is to provide professional holistic health services to her community. After completing her studies at ACHS, she envisions acquiring land and establishing a holistic health and wellness center, where she can offer comprehensive care to those in need.

We extend our best wishes to her. Her dedication to holistic health and her desire to make a positive impact on her community is truly inspiring. With her enthusiasm and the knowledge she gains from ACHS, Nancy is destined to create a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves.


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