How to Turn Your Weekend into Adult Summer Camp

Jul 3, 2017 12:29:24 PM | DIY How to Turn Your Weekend into Adult Summer Camp

Create your own adult summer camp…with a natural wellness spin, of course!

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How to Turn Your Weekend into Adult Summer Camp

Have you heard the recent buzz about “adult summer camp?” It’s a new trend that encourages grown-ups to channel their inner kid and revisit the blissful, exciting days of summer camp. There are even places you can go to re-create the experience, like Camp No Counselors. From flag football, to arts and crafts, to water tubing, adult summer camps let you bask in the nostalgia of youthful summers gone by.

Of course, a weekend at a real adult summer camp can cost upwards of $500. This isn’t factoring in costs for sending your kids to their own camp for the weekend, finding a pet sitter, or transportation. So, if zipping off on a weekend of zip lining and water balloons isn’t in your budget, we recommend crafting your own adult summer camp…with a natural wellness spin, of course!

How? By adding play, creativity, and adventure into your holistic health routine. Hey, and that definitely goes for all of you currently on the road to becoming a certified herbalist, a registered aromatherapist, or a holistic nutritionist — make your studies super fun hands-on by adopting “kid vision.” Like this:

  • Make a game out of blending fresh-picked fruit into healthy ice pops. Get some friends together and see who can come up with the wildest, tastiest recipe.
  • Take the family or friends to a local park and “Playout”—a Spiderman-inspired activity that allows you to exercise, think creatively, and have loads of spidey fun. (More on this in the next blog post!)
  • Schedule an arts and crafts day to make herbal pillows (lavender is perfect!) or other fun herbal-inspired crafts.
  • Go on a neighborhood aroma walk. Stop to smell the roses, lavender, rosemary, hydrangeas, sunflowers, or whatever else is thriving in your area this time of year. 

There are endless ways you can use your holistic health knowledge to inject play, creativity, and fun into your summer without having to blow your budget. And ACHS is here to help inspire you! Stay subscribed to our blog for more DIY Adult Summer Camp ideas throughout July. 

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