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Americans are enlisting experts to help them live healthier, happier lives. As they do so, they are creating a booming health and wellness industry. If you are considering an education in health and wellness, you will find it beneficial to learn more about the industry and possible career paths.

professional opportunities in the health and wellness industry

Unleashing Opportunities in Health and Wellness

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In ever-increasing numbers, Americans are enlisting experts to help them live healthier, happier lives. As they do so, they are creating a booming health and wellness industry. Professional opportunities in this evolving industry now include fitness, personal training, holistic nutrition, and wellness coaching, among others. Within each of these categories are specialties that can help you achieve your goals, hone your skills, increase your market value, and unlock your personal and professional potential.

As you begin to chart your journey, the health and wellness industry's sheer size and complexity can be overwhelming. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the industry was worth a staggering $3.7 billion globally in 2015.[1] If you are considering a holistic health education or health and wellness career, you will find it beneficial to learn more about the industry, possible professional paths, and opportunities to get your integrative health and fitness or holistic nutrition education online.

A charged industry

The health and wellness industry is poised to continue growing steadily for the next decade. A report published by Zion Market Research indicated that the global sports nutrition market, which was worth $28 billion in 2016, is expected to reach $45 billion by 2022—more than 60% growth in six years.[2] In the decade between 2016-2026, the number of jobs in the personal training industry is projected to grow by 10%,[3] or nearly 50% faster than the average.

Not only is the health and wellness industry continuing to grow at a rapid pace, but the salaries offered in each of these careers are well above average U.S. salaries as well. According to salary.com, the median salary for a personal trainer is $58,219[4]; the median salary for a nutrition director is $82,710; and the median salary for a wellness program manager is $83,329.[5]

Myriad career paths

Integrative health and fitness and holistic health and wellness courses can prepare you for professional opportunities in many different settings.[6] For example:

  • One-on-one fitness training and nutrition coaching. Working independently gives you flexibility in your workspace, work hours, and client load. This option is best for those who are internally driven. Plus, you can really get out into your local community, teach classes, share your knowledge, and make personal connections!
  • Working alongside other healthcare professionals to provide an integrative approach to health and wellness.
  • Working in a fitness club and offering one-on-one and group fitness training. These settings can offer opportunities to support families with health and wellness.
  • Working with athletes to promote holistic health and wellness and integrate nutrition and holistic lifestyle protocols in fitness training.

In addition to these opportunities, you may want to consider expanding your health and wellness education to include training in other modalities to complement your practice such as herbal medicine, aromatherapy, or expanded holistic nutrition studies. Learn how to expand your integrative health and fitness career into nutrition in our previous post “How to Launch into the Holistic Nutrition Field.” 

More than personal wellness

Regardless of which of these vocations you choose to pursue, the reward for learning about personal wellness is about more than just you and your professional path. Obtaining an education is also self-care. You will learn about how you can better achieve your own health and fitness goals. And understanding the importance of personal health and wellness will positively impact your family and friends. When you get well, it will inspire those around you to focus on wellness, too.

A superior educational experience

The key to unlocking such rewarding opportunities is to achieve an excellent natural health and wellness education. American College of Healthcare Sciences offers online, accredited courses, certificates, and degrees in integrative health and fitness, holistic nutrition, wellness coaching, health and wellness, and more. Programs include:

Whether you are a prospective student considering a career in the health and wellness industry or just curious about taking holistic nutrition classes for personal health, request more information on ACHS's health and wellness program offerings. If you are a current student or alumnus, learn more about opportunities to establish or enhance a career in health and wellness with an ACHS education.

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