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    Jul 15, 2014 5:13:59 PM

    morningsicknessfoodsv2 One of the best ways us holistic mommies can beat morning sickness naturally is through balanced, holistic nutrition. I hope you found my first blog on natural remedies for morning sickness helpful, but if you’re still struggling, here are my top 12 foods to naturally beat morning sickness:

    1. Ginger

    Buy certified organic, fresh ginger and slice it into a cup of hot water. Steep for five minutes, and drink. Add a slice of lemon if you’d like. Crystallized ginger (even organic) has been showing up contaminated with lead, so I don’t eat it as much as I would like!

    2. Organic radishes

    Just spicy enough to trick your taste buds and brain into thinking about something other than throwing up. Radishes are cruciferous vegetables, so they have lots of great vitamin A carotenoids, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. They also have zinc and some B vitamins, including B-6, which have been linked to reducing morning sickness.

    3. Sweet potatoes 

    High in vitamin A, a roasted sweet potato is comfort food without the guilt. Grate a little organic cheese on top for a tasty snack.

    4. Organic dried mango

    More vitamin A! This is a tasty way to get your sweet tooth satisfied without the guilt.

    5. Frozen organic popsicles

    Ideally with as little added sugar as possible. Or you could make your own if you have the energy. Simply make a fruit smoothie and pour into a popsicle mold.

    6. Smoothies and fresh juice

    When you are having trouble keeping things down, make a smoothie with a scoop of protein powder, frozen berries, and a small handful of kale or a fresh juice with greens, pineapple, and apple. Your body absorbs nutrients from liquids faster, so you’re more likely to absorb at least some of the nutrients before it comes back up. Gross but true. See my five favorite smoothie recipes here and my Juicing 101 video here.

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    7. Dry scrambled eggs (preferably from pastured chickens) 

    These are a great choice for any meal or snack. High in protein and omega-3s (if pasture raised), they’re easier on the digestion than many other forms of protein. Dry scrambled just means well cooked. Soggy scrambled eggs are enough to make anyone gag.

    8. Kale or seaweed chips

    If salty is your thing, try kale or seaweed chips instead of potato chips. You’ll get a dose of nutrition along with your salt! Plus, the fat in potato chips can make morning sickness worse.

    9. Raspberries

    High in fiber—which helps avoid constipation—vitamin C and potassium, raspberries can satisfy a sweet tooth without causing a spike in blood sugar. Be sure to buy only certified organic raspberries since soft fruits absorb a lot of pesticides that you can’t wash off. If fresh and organic raspberries are not available, try frozen ones.

    10. Blueberries 

    Lots of fiber, phytochemicals, and components that strengthen cell walls. I can’t get enough blueberries. Throw them frozen into smoothies, snack on them, or blend them into an easy sauce for fish or chicken. But be sure your blueberries are certified organic, too.

    11. Pineapple

    One of the sweetest foods to beat morning sickness naturally. When your digestive system is a bit out of whack, the bromelain in pineapple can help!

    12. Organic Greek yogurt

    Organic Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in sugar. The probiotics help your digestion and help you absorb nutrients from all the food you’re eating. Mix with some berries for the ultimate snack. You may find that adding probiotics to your daily regimen helps to naturally beat morning sickness too!

    What's your favorite food to battle the morning sickness blues?

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