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ACHS student Katarina Perich talks about what sustainability means to her.

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Sustainability: A Visual Essay

Katarina Perich BS in Holistic Nutrition student Katarina Perich created a visual essay on green living for one of her business communications courses at ACHS. Now, as we come to the end of the Plastic Free Ecochallenge, I want to share it with you in the hopes that you too will be able to reflect on what sustainability means to you.

Since we're talking about a visual essay, I'll keep the text short and sweet and let Katarina's presentation speak for itself.

Holistic Health and Sustainability

Katarina says that she was interested in holistic healing before she was aware of what the term meant. However, it wasn't until six years ago when her father was diagnosed with cancer that sustainability and holistic health care came to the forefront of her mind. "I saw a lot of missing pieces in the healthcare system, information on disease and treatments for chronic conditions and the lack of support in those areas as well as preventative medicine," she says.

Katarina also had an interest in sustainability as a child. She says, "I remember writing a speech about why we should save the planet and why we should do all the things that we need to care for the earth, so it was definitely since I was younger that I cared about being more friendly to the environment.”

One Step At A Time

Katarina's advice to those looking to live more sustainably is as follows:

I think it can often feel overwhelming, and you can feel like you’re not doing as much as you want to be doing. I think small changes are important. Even if it just means using a reusable bag and shifting in that direction. That would be the takeaway.

Watch The Visual Essay

"I created a presentation on several things that represent green living and sustainability and being eco friendly," Katarina says. In the presentation below, she talks about gardening, using reusable grocery bags, and more. I hope you enjoy it and it allows you to reflect on the sustainable practices in your own life.


What sustainable practices do you incorporate into your own life? Let us know in the comments below.

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