Registered Aromatherapist (RA) Shares Secrets of Success [Video]

Dec 26, 2014 3:00:00 PM | IJPHA Registered Aromatherapist (RA) Shares Secrets of Success [Video]

Clearly, Registered Aromatherapist (RA) Lora Cantele has been making waves in the aromatherapy industry. Watch the interview here:

Registered Aromatherapist (RA) Shares Secrets of Success [Video] We’ve all heard that with hard work and passion for what you do, great things are possible. Well, ACHS graduate, Registered Aromatherapist (RA), author, and editor Lora Cantele is a perfect example of what you can achieve when you combine passion, hard work, and a thorough aromatherapy education.

Many of our readers are passionate about aromatherapy and holistic health, whether for personal health and wellness or for an exciting new career like becoming a Registered Aromatherapist (RA). You might be surprised how many options there are in the essential oil aromatherapy industry: from clinical practice, natural products manufacturing, scientific research and writing, and private practice with clients, to involvement with nonprofits such as the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA)

Lora Cantele is a practicing, Registered Aromatherapist (RA) and graduated from ACHS’s Certificate in Aromatherapy program in 2002. She also studied Nutrition, Bodycare, & Herbalism with ACHS as well as attended ACHS’s Summer Session in Provence. She is the Editor of the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy (IJPHA), a peer reviewed publication renowned throughout the aromatherapy industry. She is also the co-author of the recent book, The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Handbook for Everyday Wellness. 

Clearly, Lora has been making waves in the industry. I was lucky enough to sit down with her this fall at the 2014 NAHA Conference in Seattle and discuss how she turned her passion for essential oils and ACHS education into a thriving career.



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