how wellness professionals can improve public speaking skills

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Improving your public speaking skills will help you build your brand when you become a natural health consultant. This article gives you some easy steps for improving your public speaking skills for wellness consultants.

how wellness professionals can improve public speaking skills

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Public Speaking Skills

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Every professional can benefit from public speaking skills, but it’s especially important for integrative health and wellness professionals, like holistic nutrition and natural health consultants. Since you’re sharing your knowledge with others to help them live healthier, happier lives, you need to be able to communicate effectively. Knowledge is one thing, but you have to be able to share it with your audience in a way that promotes meaningful connection and change.

Not only that, public speaking is a powerful way to build your brand and network as you build your holistic health career as a wellness coach, aromatherapist, community herbalist, or integrative fitness professional, to name a few. Using public speaking venues, you can share your knowledge with others and show them that you can be helpful in serving their wellness needs. That way, when someone has a question about wellness in your area of expertise, they'll know that they can get quality help from you.

When integrative health and wellness professionals are just starting out, they often use public speaking to establish themselves in the industry. That includes everything from offering free speaking engagements to friends and family to leading workshops at wellness conferences. There are lots of opportunities to get in front of people and share your knowledge and passion with others.

The internet is also a good resource for public speaking. Using social media, videos, webinars, and online courses, you can use your public speaking skills to reach a wider audience. This will help build your wellness brand effectively. After all, when people want information, they usually pop over to the web.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to sharpen your public speaking skills today:

1. Say Yes! to opportunity.

Take advantage of opportunity. While you probably can't do every speaking engagement that comes up, you should say Yes! to as many as possible. The more you practice public speaking, the better your skills will get. Taking lots of opportunities will also help you become more comfortable speaking in front of people; nerves are one of the most common reasons people say No when they should say Yes.

2. Remember your path and your passion.

Remember why you want a career in natural health and wellness. Some of the best public speakers are good because they use their personal experience and passions to connect with others. If you don't love what you do, it's hard to talk about it. Tap into your passion for natural health and wellness. Let it guide your public speaking, and you'll find the practice less intimidating.

Dorene Petersen public speaking at the 2017 Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference

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3. Get wise about web content.

Use online videos. Some people are nervous about public speaking because they have to … well, … speak in front of people. By recording and posting videos online, you can share your knowledge without having a real-time audience. It gives you the opportunity to practice public speaking without the nerves from a live audience getting in the way.

Improving your public speaking skills is a necessary part of your path as a wellness professional. Wondering what to talk about? Visit our on-demand continuing education library for some great ideas and practical training you can use to find your audience and share what’s on your heart. Need a recommendation? How about one of our professional soft skills CE courses like How to Communicate in the Workplace or Self-publishing for Holistic Health Experts.

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