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Join us in October for a free webinar series designed to support professional development for holistic health practitioners

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Pictured: ACHS students, alumni, staff, faculty, and PAC members who will take part in our upcoming webinar series

We are excited to be offering our new professional pathways webinar series this October! Especially during this pandemic when the future seems uncertain, we want to give you the opportunity to hear from successful holistic practitioners and ask questions about how they got to where they are today.

Whether you are a practitioner, or a student who aims to be one in the future, we hope you'll join us for our three-part professional development webinar series. In Parts I & II, hear inspirational stories and real-world advice from ACHS student and graduate business owners and our expert faculty who will help illuminate pathways to success for holistic health practitioners. In part III, you’ll hear from four business leaders who will share lessons learned from the era of COVID-19, and how enterprises of all kinds can best move forward out of this experience.

Take a look at the webinar schedule below, and the amazing set of panelists that will be speaking. 

October 13 at 3 p.m. PT: Exploring Higher Education in Holistic Health

Interested in educational pathways in complementary and alternative medicine? Join a panel of ACHS Faculty as they discuss the value of degrees, diplomas or certificates for holistic health practitioners. Discover how certifications and credentials can enhance your career in the holistic health field.
Panel: Anisa Kassim, BA, MPH, MTOM, CHES; Kristen Truman-Allen, PhD, MS, RN, PCC; Amanda Lattin, BA, MAT, Dip. Aroma., MH, RA

October 20 at 3 p.m. PT: Advice from Holistic Health Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Join ACHS Graduates and Students as they discuss their route to business ownership and the lessons learned along the way. Get inspired by the pathways they took and learn valuable real world knowledge about becoming a business owner while remaining true to their passion for alternative medicine and holistic health.
Panel: Khetnu Nefer, Diploma Holistic Health Practice; Lindsay Little, MS Holistic Nutrition; Cindy Ross, MS Holistic Nutrition; Jennifer Langsdale, MS Aromatherapy

October 27 at 3 p.m. PT: Lessons Learned from the Era of COVID-19

Professional pathways often lead to business enterprises -- either entrepreneurial or within an organization. This panel features four leaders spanning several business sectors. They will share lessons learned from the era of COVID-19, and how enterprises of all kinds can best move forward out of this experience.
Panel :

Katherine Lam, MBA. President & Co-owner, Bambuza Hospitality Group; MBA Program Advisory Council, ACHS; Commissioner, Port of Portland; Commissioner, Classroom Law Project; Board Member, Vietnam Oregon Initiative

Joel Augee, JD. Hathaway Larson LLP; Business Law Faculty, ACHS

Haoua Cheick Seip, MBA. Founder and Manager of Women Artisans Resource Enterprise (WAREE); MBA Program Advisory Council, ACHS; Board Member, ACHS Foundation

Mike Lewis, DMgt, PMP and Agile Certified. ;Chief Information Officer, EVP Informatics & Technology Trillium Health Resources; MBA Program Advisory Council, ACHS


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Do you have any questions for our panelists? Comment your questions here, and we may pick your question to be answered live during the webinar.

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