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Stress relief music and more recommended by ACHS staff, faculty, and students.


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During this difficult time with COVID-19, music can be a welcome distraction and stress-reliever. We asked our staff, faculty, and students what they are listening to in order to feel less stressed, and this is what they said.

Dr. Susan Marcus, Dean of Business

For motivation to get me going when I need a little push:

Brazil performed by Django Reinhardt

Stereotypes by Black Violin

Victory, Yolanda Adams

Let's Go Crazy, Prince 


Other recommendations:

Everybody is a Star (both the Joan Osborne and the Sly & the Family Stone versions)

Heroes & Villains, the Beach Boys

Love's in Need of Love Today, Stevie Wonder

Empty Me Out, Liz Vice

I Would Die for You, Prince


Natalie Martin, Student

I wanted to share this Spotify playlist with everyone. I've been with ACHS since 2016, during this time I've had a LOT of incredibly hard and life-altering curve balls thrown at me, which has flipped my life upside down more than once. I can honestly say that I've torn up papers, I've cried, I've erased full dry erase boards full of research out of frustration, I've hit that backspace button on the keyboard probably a hundred times and erased full assignments, I've had struggles with professors, I've even wanted to drop out multiple times because I've felt over my head.

But, we can do this. YOU can do this! This playlist is full of snippets from motivational speakers that really get you amped up when you feel like your wanting to quit and give up. They are not your typical repetitive boring ones, they have the whole dramatic music going with it and everything. It's so good. I highly recommend the first three. Feel free to skip around them for what feels applicable <3 LET'S GO ACHS! "Your only competition is you. Where you've been, versus where you're going. Who you were, versus who you're going to be."


Tanja Kaneshiro, Executive Assistant to the President

I recommend Brett Dennen, Cat Stevens, ABBA, and Enya, as well as Native American Flute and Texas.

Dr. Jacqui McGrath, Professor

I have been finding that the sounds of nature give me the most stress relief these days. I like to sit on my patio in the early morning and evening and listen to the wind and the birds. I've also been exploring music with binaural beats, new to me, including this one that includes nature sounds: 

Andrew Pierson, Website Coordinator

I have a Pandora radio station based around funky late 70s early 80s stuff. Kool and the Gang, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Isley Brothers, King Floyd, Gap Band, Funkadelic, Earth Wind and Fire, The Whispers and The Spinners.  This music is upbeat and fun and helps keep me motivated and focused on the task at hand!

Erin Hallford, Apothecary Shoppe Manager

The Colbert show made a funny playlist on Spotify called " Now That's What I Call Quarantine." It's a bunch of throwbacks but some of the songs are: All By Myself, So Fresh So Clean, U can't touch this, Work from Home, Dancing w/ myself, 99 problems, Dancing on my own, etc.


Chelsea Phillips, Admissions Advisor

I downloaded a bunch of happy songs on iTunes after getting a bunch of recommendations, I use the Calm app, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oprah's Super Soul Conversations podcast, as well as anything by Eckart Tolle & Marianne Williamson for more spiritual perspectives... and then comedians like Amy Schumer are keeping it funny, as are the funny late night news guy from SNL to John Stewart to Trevor Noah to Colbert report!

Molly Sykes, Admissions Advisor

I've been listening to hypnotherapy meditations on youtube.


Gillian Wilson, Social Media Coordinator

I've been listening to a whole lot of music from the movie Mamma Mia!

Nathan Phillips, Chief Information Officer

Nerd alert, but a book I read recently that relieved my stress was the biography of Truman by David McCullough (who won the Pulitzer prize).

It may seem an odd choice, but it will give you hope (at least it did me)! Available on Audiobook.

What do you like to listen to for stress relief? Comment your suggestions below.

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