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Jamie’s love of gardening, interest in growing herbs, and the urge to identify plants on their own property in Central Oregon peaked her interest.

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Jamie Stone began her 20-year military career in the National Guard, at age-17, as a mechanic.  Barely five-feet tall and weighing in at 97 pounds, Jamie reminisces, “I was handling tires that were nearly as tall as me. One of the great things that came from my experience is, I can work on my own vehicles.”  She also worked full time for the National Guard as a Federal Technician in Redmond, Oregon during the last 13-years of her military service and currently works at the Crook County Sheriff’s office as the Community Services Deputy.

Jamie and her husband, Todd, met during their service in the National Guard after Todd’s six years’ service in the Marine Corp.  “Military life, starting a new business, raising three sons and caring for our rural property became too much of a juggling act for us both so Todd recently retired to manage Prepper Up, our Survival and Sporting Goods store full time,” says Jamie.

Jamie Stone PhotoJamie’s love of gardening, interest in growing herbs, and the urge to identify plants on their own property in Central Oregon peaked her interest in creating salves and lotions using the herbs she grew and could forage. “I began dabbling in making products out of my home-grown herbs.  It didn’t take long to realize that I needed more than base knowledge to create the effective products I aspired to,” says Jamie.

“I did my research and found the American College of Healthcare Sciences, ACHS, an Oregon military friendly school where I could use my education benefits.  I hadn’t attended school in 15 years so a distance learning school was perfect for me. With the help of ACHS admission staff, I was soon following my dream, beginning and graduating from the Herbal Retail Management Certificate program with CHRM Honors,” Jamie proudly declares.

Todd proudly display’s Jamie’s handmade ointments, salves, candles, lip balms and other products at Prepper Up, 862 NW 3rd St. Prineville, OR 97754.

“My next big accomplishment will be to establish a teaching classroom at Prepper Up so I can share my how-to knowledge with others in my community interested in creating their own holistic herbal health supporting and beauty products,” she tells us.

To learn more about ACHS Herbal Medicine Studies click here.

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Judy Starr

Written By: Judy Starr

Judy Starr, VP of External Relations at American College of Healthcare Sciences, has more than 25 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and brings her expertise in marketing and communications to ACHS. She has raised millions of dollars during her career through her work with major gift donors, foundation grant writing and corporate relations. Judy is a vegan who seeks to inspire others with her passion for organic unprocessed foods. As a licensed esthetician for 28 years, she has served at day spas and at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico, where she taught skin care classes and provided skin care and Reiki treatments. Through her unique career journey, she has learned the value of choosing pure unadulterated natural ingredients for customized skincare regimens. Her niche spa experience gives her a unique perspective and platform to share industry-specific knowledge in the realm of natural skin care, body care and holistic wellness. Judy has been a Reiki master for 20 years.