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Here’s a glance at the key holistic nutrition industry information you need to know to expedite a smooth transition.

Updated March 25, 2024

How to Become a Holistic Nutrition Professional

Holistic nutrition is essential for an effective holistic lifestyle plan. Nutrition professionals use private sessions to identify and address individual needs, as well as group education to create and support positive, healthy change in the community.

Our whole-foods approach to holistic nutrition education prepares graduates to be leaders in this growing field. Holistic nutrition professionals are important members of healthcare teams in the areas of prevention, chronic disease management, and wellness promotion.

So, how do you get involved? How do you make the transition to holistic nutrition professional from nutrition enthusiast or holistic health practitioner or from a licensed field like nursing?

Here’s a glance at the key holistic nutrition industry information you need to know to expedite a smooth transition:

Credentialing & the Certified Nutrition Professional Designation

Multiple nutrition credentialing bodies exist, including the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB), which issues a Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition® to eligible candidates.

ACHS graduates who have passed the HNCB Board exam can use the credential “Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®.” Additionally, graduates who have …

  1. met all requirements for Board Certification;
  2. completed “A bachelor’s degree or higher in nutrition or a nutrition-related field of study from a [National Association of Nutrition Professionals] NANP approved holistic nutrition program, OR a college or university regionally or nationally accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education”; and
  3. have completed 1,200 hours of supervised practice within three years of graduation

… can use the title “Certified Nutrition Professional” or CNP.

Example ACHS programs that meet the NANP requirement for the Certified Nutrition Professional designation include Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition, and Master of Science in Health and Wellness.

Be aware, however, that there are laws and regulations governing what nutrition professionals can and cannot do in almost every state.

It is important to research nutrition licensing regulations in your state and to get legal advice if you still have questions.

A good starting place for more information on this topic is our “Telehealth and Nutrition Law and Regulations” whitepaper.

What jobs are available in the holistic nutrition and wellness industry?

There is a growing opportunity for holistic nutrition and wellness consulting, teaching, researching, writing, and planning roles within the healthcare industry.

Holistic nutrition professionals, including consultants and educators, are working in private practice, at health spas, in corporate wellness, as weight loss consultants, and at hospitals, among many other organizations.

They provide services like working with individuals with chronic illnesses (like diabetes or obesity), facilitating behavior modification sessions (e.g., weight management and exercise), and teaching young people and seniors how to eat to stay healthy.

Some nutrition professionals are self-employed, while others work with health professionals as part of a coordinated care team. Holistic nutrition professionals often teach, write, and support individuals and groups to develop strategies for healthy eating.

Where is there more information on occupations in holistic nutrition?

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) defines “nutritionists” as experts in food and nutrition who “advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal.”

The OOH predicts 14% growth in the nutrition careers job market between the years 2016 to 2026, which is significant.

However, when researching a potential career path or program of study, always remember to check the laws in your state that govern what a practitioner can and cannot do.

What types of holistic nutrition courses and programs are available?

ACHS offers several holistic nutrition courses fully online. These courses can be taken towards a:

  • Masters in Holistic Nutrition
  • Graduate Certificate in Nutrition
  • Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine
  • Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting
  • Certificate in Integrative Health and Fitness Training

You can dig deeper and explore ACHS programs online here.


What are some of the important industry organizations to learn about?

The internet is loaded with information. But, it can be a bit of a rabbit hole when you’re starting your research. Here are a few key nutrition-related organizations to help you start your investigation of this dynamic field:

Ready to move forward into the holistic nutrition industry and become a nutrition professional? Along with accredited online certificates, diplomas, and associate and master degrees in holistic nutrition, ACHS now offers an online Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition. Request more information here or click the button below.



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