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ASEP Scholarship recipient, Kemmi Lee, offers a wise reminder that holistic health education is about improving the lives of others.

complementary alternative medicine schools onlineHere at ACHS, we recognize that earning a certificate, diploma, or degree requires dedication and committment to your studies. There is no doubt about it, being a student can at times feel overwhelming. With a busy class schedule, texts to read, essays, and projects, it can be easy to lose sight of what motivated you in the first place. Kemmi Lee reminded us that receiving an education in holistic healthcare is a pursuit with the end goal of helping and healing others. When focusing on other's needs, it's easier to stay the course and reach your goal. Kemmi is our next interviewee in our Adult Skills Education Program (ASEP) Scholarship blog series. She is pursuing an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine here at ACHS, and she is one of the June recipients of the ASEP scholarship. When the focus is on helping others find wholeness, we can push forward and work harder to make those academic and career goals a reality. This is a useful reminder not just for students, but for all holistic health practitioners. 

Q: Tell me why you chose ACHS for your accredited holistic health degree?

A: I chose ACHS for my holistic health degree based on the wealth of information on the website that assured me of ACHS's commitment to teaching me how to discern the scientific facts from the myths and legends.

Q: What do you like most about your Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) program?

A: One of the parts of my program that I like most is the interaction with fellow students. I have learned so much from my fellow students.

Q: What ACHS course have you enjoyed the most and why?

A: I have enjoyed my aromatherapy classes the most. When I initially enrolled in aromatherapy classes, I thought aromatherapy was about how fragrances affect mood states. That was just the tip of the iceberg! Learning about the medicinal and therapeutic effects of essential oils has opened a world for me and has inspired me to become an expert in this field. I can't get enough of it!

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Q: What made you decide to pursue a degree in Complementary Medicine?

A: I decided that a degree in Complementary Medicine was a valuable pursuit when I found that my spa clients were looking for more natural products for their personal care. My mother was way before her time, and I was raised on complementary medicine and organic foods. In trying to pass that knowledge on to clients, I realized that what I already knew wasn't enough to adequately consult and recommend. My clients deserve expert advice based on research. Earning my degree in Complementary Medicine means the difference between sharing home remedies and being able to make scientifically sound recommendations.

Q: What do you enjoy most about studying online with ACHS?

A: Online studying has given me the ability to complete my coursework at my convenience. 

Q: What are some of your academic and professional goals?

A: My academic and professional goals depend on one another. I am a licensed esthetician, and I own my own spa practice. In order to provide my clients with the wellness services they want and need, I have to continually pursue deeper levels of knowledge. Cosmetic chemistry is a very confusing world. Becoming educated in essential oils, herbs, and complementary modalities is vital for me to be able to navigate the marketing hype so prevalent in the cosmetic and personal care world. While it is encouraging to see so called “mainstream cosmetic manufacturers” utilizing botanicals in their formulations, discerning the effectiveness of their applications is a service I can provide for my clients with the education I am receiving at ACHS.

Q: How does this scholarship help you achieve your goals?

A: These scholarship funds will go a long way for me to replenish my supplies!

Q: Do you have any tips for success for prospective students who are thinking about getting started?

A: For students thinking about getting started, I would recommend they get support from the people closest to them. They can be fantastic cheerleaders when you are struggling.

Q: What advice do you have for current students who may be struggling in their studies?

A: If you are already struggling, remind yourself why you started. My guess is, you started because you have some knowledge but couldn't apply it in a way that would help people. Your dream to improve the lives of others is bigger than you are. You deserve for that dream to come true.

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Dorene Petersen, ACHS Founding President

Written By: Dorene Petersen, ACHS Founding President

Dorene is the Founding President of the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS). She has over 45 years of clinical teaching and lecturing experience in aromatherapy and other holistic health subjects. She has presented papers on essential oils and clinical aromatherapy at the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades Annual Conference (IFEAT) in California, USA; the Aroma Environment Association of Japan (AEAJ) in Tokyo, Japan; the Asian Aroma Ingredients Congress (AAIC) and Expo in Bali, Indonesia; the International Center of Advanced Aromatherapy (ICAA) at the WonGwang Digital University in Seoul, Korea; as well as the AAIC Expo in Kunming, Yunnan, China. Dorene is a founding member of the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) and served as its chair until 2023. Dorene is also involved in the distance education community and has served as a volunteer, committee member, and standards evaluator for the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Dorene is a travel junkie, and has led ACHS Study Abroad programs to India, Indonesia, Greece, and Hawaii!