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These DIY Sweet 'N' Spicy holiday sachets are what you need to make sure everyone is feeling the holiday spirit during your winter festivities.


DIY Stocking Stuffers: Sweet 'N' Spicy Holiday Sachets

We've all been there. It's December 23. All of the gifts are wrapped and tucked away. The phone rings and ... you have eight more guests coming for your holiday get together! Time for a last-minute DIY gift making spree.

These DIY Sweet 'N' Spicy holiday sachets are what you need to make sure everyone is feeling the holiday spirit during your winter festivities. 

Sweet 'N' Spicy Holiday Sachets

You'll need:

Herbal sachet bags: 8
Whole cloves Syzygium aromaticum: 1 cup
Dried ginger Zingiber officinale chips: 1 cup
Cinnamon chips Cinnamomum zeylanicum: 1 cup
Ribbons & tags: 8


Place two tablespoons each of the cloves, ginger, and cinnamon in each herbal sachet bag, and tie tightly closed. Attach a festive tag and ribbon, then add your special greeting! This recipe makes eight spicy sachets, which can be simmered in a pot of water on the back of your stove to fill your home with holiday cheer (make sure to monitor the water level). You can also place them in drawers or use as fun gift tie-ons. Be creative and tailor the recipe to include your favorite scents. Why not try dried citrus peel or nutmeg? 
You can also print out this shareable graphic and attach to your herbal sachets so your loved-ones know how to make them, too!
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