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With the help of her daughter, who was already a student, Lola enrolled and then graduated from ACHS in 2015 with a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice.


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It’s amazing how one little thing can change the course of your life. That’s what happened to ACHS graduate Lola Boyers when she happened to start reading Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau. Lola doesn’t remember where she got the book, but is glad she did because it jump-started her passion for holistic health at the age of 52.

With the help of her daughter Lindsay, who was already a student at ACHS, Lola enrolled in classes and graduated from ACHS in 2015 with a Diploma in Holistic Health Practice. Now, Lola uses her holistic health education to help others. “I love holistic health so much that I just don’t understand how anyone could not make it their favorite thing," she says.

Making healthy choices

me at lala
Lola at her coffeehouse, Lalajava

Lola wants everyone to have the knowledge that they need to make healthy choices. That’s why she offers free health consultations at Lalajava, the coffeehouse that she and her husband own in Northborough, MA. By providing health coaching to her clients, Lola is able to give them a toolbox of knowledge that will help them make healthy choices about what to eat and more. 

After she realized how important it is to have food and drink that is good for your body and doesn’t include toxic ingredients, Lola and her husband decided to introduce healthier options at their coffeehouse. Among the healthy options that they created to sell at Lalajava are California Gold Dust golden milk mix, CBD products, and Tiki Tea (a six-time winner in the North American Tea Championship).

The products sold at Lalajava play a role in Lola’s free health consultations. She created them as a resource to recommend to her clients to go a step above just offering advice. She says that her advice and the healthy products combined have helped her clients significantly in being able to lead healthier lifestyles. 

A memorable client

Lola recalls a man in Arizona who was referred to her by his sister. He had lived with chronic pain for years and after trying everything, he was feeling hopeless and out of options. After speaking with him, Lola discovered that although he had tried CBD to relieve pain in the past, he only used it for two days and then stopped when he didn’t see immediate results. She says "people want quick results and I say look, you have to be patient.” Patience is key in terms of holistic health, and sometimes it can take a while to see results. Lola was able to explain to the man that he should take the CBD for at least a month to see if it had results. She also recommended that he use her California Gold Dust golden milk mix due to the anti-inflammatory properties of one of its ingredients, turmeric. Amazingly, after a month the man reported that his pain level had gone from a 9 (a level of pain that he had suffered from for almost a decade) down to a 5 or 6.

Looking forward

Lola says that the people in her town have grown to trust her and recommend her health consultations to others. She also says that she recommends ACHS to people often. Although it took a little extra effort on her part to understand the online classroom technology, Lola says it was worth it because she saved so much time studying from home instead of driving to a physical campus. Looking forward, Lola plans to continue offering free health consultations at Lalajava and is considering taking more classes at ACHS eventually.

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