Oct 12, 2017 7:00:00 AM | Aromatherapy and Essential Oils 7 Must-Read Articles to Celebrate “Best Holistic Health Blog” Award

Healthline recently named the ACHS Health & Wellness Blog a “Best Holistic Health Blog” for 2017. Enjoy seven wellness posts our readers loved in 2017.


7 Must-Read Articles to Celebrate “Best Holistic Health Blog” Award 

Healthline recently named the ACHS Health & Wellness Blog a “Best Holistic Health Blog” for 2017. It’s an honor to be recognized along with several other excellent and educational wellness blogs. See the full list here. 

We embrace a strong social mission to share reliable, science-based integrative health information with the public. We do this through live webcasts, on-campus classes, eBooks, and more. But most often, we live out this mission right here on the ACHS Blog. We’re so grateful to all of our readers and subscribers for sharing our articles.

To help us celebrate, enjoy a round up of seven wellness posts our readers loved in 2017.

Essential Oil Safety: Practicing Aromatherapy with Caution

If you’re an ACHS Blog subscriber, you probably love aromatherapy. And you probably relish discussing safety and mindful use of essential oils. That’s why our blog series on safety is so popular. And for good reason! There’s an exceptional amount of misinformation out there around these highly concentrated plant substances. So, before we enjoy the wide range of uses for essential oils, it’s important to discuss the major safety issues with aromatherapy. 

Read the full post here.

How to Become an AHG Registered Herbalist by Erika Yigzaw

Many of our students ask us: what can I do after I graduate with a degree or certificate in holistic health? Well, lots of things! But one thing you should do is get involved with industry organizations and apply for membership. One very useful membership for herbal medicine gradates is the “Registered Herbalist” designation offered by the American Herbalists Guild (AHG). 

In this post, our chief strategy officer, Erika Yigzaw, breaks down the essential steps to becoming a Registered Herbalist with the AHG.

Read the full post here.

4 Reliable Essential Oil Databases You Need to Know by Ashley Ehmig

With so many people venturing into the world of aromatherapy, it’s even more crucial for aromatherapists and essential oil enthusiasts to know where to go for reliable, research-based information on the oils we love.

Aromatherapy researchers can rejoice because ACHS online instructional design librarian, Ashley Ehmig, compiled this excellent list of reliable and free essential oil research databases.

Read the full post here.

How to Launch into the Holistic Nutrition Field by Erin Liggett

We love sharing varied and unique voices on the ACHS Blog…especially from students. In this guest post, ACHS student Erin Liggett offers practical tips for how nutrition enthusiasts, students, and graduates can launch into the holistic nutrition field. She gives ideas on how to get connected, how to keep abreast of legislation in your state, and more.

Read the full post here.

What You Can and Cannot Say to Aromatherapy Clients [Video]

Many of our readers are budding aromatherapists with hopes to one-day start a private practice. But consulting can get tricky when working with essential oils. What can you legally say? What should you never say? We answer these burning questions about working one-on-one with clients in a short, informative video blog post.

Read & watch here.

The 14 Best Wellness Books to Read this Summer by Renee Long

Summer may be over, but our blog subscribers are avid readers. That’s why they loved our faculty book choices in the health genre. These titles are great reads all year long, so curl up with a cup of herbal tea, and crack the spine on one of these great wellness books.

Read the full post here.

3 Common and Dangerous Essential Oil Mistakes

Do you notice a theme? Our readers love reliable, evidence-backed safety information about essential oils. With a glut of dangerous misinformation circulating on the Web, we also think it’s critically important to share knowledge that can prevent accidents. That’s why we wrote a long-form article on the most common mistakes folks can make with essential oils. Plus, we’ve created a useful infographic for you to share or print. 

Read the full post here. 

And thank you, readers, for taking this journey with us. We love sharing important info with you, and we’ll keep providing you with enjoyable, sharable, and valuable wellness content.

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